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Syd Barret dead, aged 60.

Subsonic Sound
It was announced today that Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barret died last friday, at home.

It is with great sadness that we report that Syd Barrett, the former lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Pink Floyd, has died at the age of 60.

Syd died peacefully at his home in Cambridge after suffering from complications related to diabetes. There will be a private family funeral.

Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett has died at his Cambridgeshire home from what is believed to be complications from diabetes. The 60-year-old, who suffered a breakdown in the Sixties following his use of LSD, had been a virtual recluse for more than three decades after completely withdrawing from the public spotlight in the early Seventies. He passed away last Friday, although news of his death has today only been announced.

Pink Floyd issued a statement saying, "The band are naturally very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett's death. Syd was the guiding light of the early band line-up and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire".

All of you are to go and put on Piper at the Gates of Dawn in tribute to one of the most influential musicians in rock, be it prog or not.
Subsonic Sound wrote:
All of you are to go and put on Piper at the Gates of Dawn in tribute to one of the most influential musicians in rock, be it prog or not.

Sad end to a sad life. Play 'Relics' too, 'Bike', 'See Emily Play' and 'Arnold Layne' are great songs.
Less than a week before Roger "Syd" Barrett died, I heard 70000 people sing along with Roger Waters on Shine On You Crazy Diamond, like their life depended on it. And went through the night hearing bits of Bike and See Emily Play around fires on the festival camp.

So influential in so little time on the public stage. He influenced lives and works of many, as a supremely original and gifted musician and songwriter. Shone more like a supernova than the sun. What he could have done in the course of the past 30 years, if his health had allowed it. Yeah, Miniwood said it perfectly. Sad end to a sad life. But he will shine on for decades yet, through the music he created and all those he inspired.

Kenneth Grahame wrote:
As they stared blankly. in dumb misery deepening as they slowly realised all they had seen and all they had lost, a capricious little breeze, dancing up from the surface of the water, tossed the aspens, shook the dewy roses and blew lightly and caressingly in their faces; and with its soft touch came instant oblivion. For this is the last best gift that the kindly demigod is careful to bestow on those to whom he has revealed himself in their helping: the gift of forgetfulness. Lest the awful remembrance should remain and grow, and overshadow mirth and pleasure, and the great haunting memory should spoil all the afterlives of little animals helped out of difficulties, in order that they should be happy and lighthearted as before.
(The Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
this is reallly sad.

great songwriter
I should be playing "Shine on you crazy diamond" as a tribute....

Syd Barret was a great influence on many musicians, and his strange legavy will live on forever.. If only he hadnt messed himself up for so lonf in the late sxties.... SO MUCH LSD! If only... all i can is SHine on you Crazy diamond, we'll miss you.
Judging by the stuff Pink Floyd wrote in tribute to him, he was very a very influencial artist. Its too bad he died.
That really sucks. Too bad, he was great...when he wasn't totally on drugs.
im mad. i heard that a pink floyd mamber had died as i was walking to the kitchen, i dropped my drink and ran to the tv to hear who had died. i heard it was syd. so i went to my bedroom and listened to piper at the gates of dawn over and over. this really bites. great musican Sad
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