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Check that your system can play the latest games

Test you system with this free online tool whether you can play the latest and hot games in your computer?
This test will check your system for Minimum requirements and Recommended Reuirements for a particular game. It checks for various components of your system like OS, RAM, Processor, Audio, Video, Graphics, Free Space and checks them with the game requirements. It displays the details about how the various components meet the requirements in a graphical way (see image below)

Visit the site in by clicking on the image (not a referal), it will ask about downloading and installing an ActiveX or Java Component based on your browser. Before it can analyze your computer you need to give your permission to download an ActiveX or Java Plug-in component called or SRLApplet from Husdawg, LLC. I've downloaded and tested this ActiveX for IE no problem faced so far and it dosent collect any info too. You can also uninstall this ActiveX componenet after validating your system.

[center] [/center]

For those who dont want to download the ActiveX and like to view how the result would look like can see the screenshots below.

[center]The Graph show how far your system meets the game requirements

The details are given about various components of your system

Just great, this is the tool I've been waiting for.
Thanks for the link.
very usefull tool :d I don't need search web for system requirement now Razz
That's a pretty smart site - I'm suprised something like this hasn't been done before (cue someone telling me that it has been done before...)

I've used graphics & processing benchmark programs before, but never something that tests your system based on the requirements of a specific game. Now all I've got to do is get some up-to-date PC games...
This site is nice idea but ... It have nothing to do with real life Smile
Why? It checks the BOX req and look on Your PC but ... it check Graphic card only by Memory and DX, P/V-shaders - it doesn't check clocks, producent etc Smile
Next ... 512MB Ram is 512MB ram - doesn't mather if this is 333MHz, 400Mhz or higer FSB (CPU after OC) or Dual Channel Ram Smile
Disk is only disk (doesn't mather 5200RMP or 10k RMP).
You may use it only if You want to check if the game Req compatibility with PS/VS 2.0 or DX9.0 ... or just check what is writed on BOX of the game without going to shop Smile

Example - Your PrintScreen - Intel Chipset graphic integrated with motherboard ... and it's good for MAX details ... hmmm Since when integrated GraphicCard is so good ? :>
I would say a better tool is 3DMarks05 and 06, They bench your system and use the highend graphics to stress your system. They can tell you if your video card really is any good. Thats the best way to go, I can run a lot of games on my old rig which is only a PIII 800 because it has a sweet video card in it, it has hit its limits this last year, but still play may games that recommend a P4.
I see, so it's only intended to see if you have the minimum requirements then?
It's nice but can't check everything on your PC and how smooth the game
will actually run. You can use it as a first test and see if your PC has a chance
to run the game and then download a demo or whatever to test it.
Yeah I've seen this before but had forgotten the link (thanks!). Admittedly it could go into more detail but it's good that there is a website that does this.

My results for F.E.A.R, one of the FPS I run on my PC. I didn't know my driver was not up to date, quite useful actually.

PS. You can see how crap my motherboard is Laughing
nice and usefull!
Haha my computer's crap. I realized that this ain't a computer made for gaming
Wow, that's a pretty sick program...I'll be bookmarking it for future use. Wink

A real shame that it only confirms what I already computer is not meant for gaming. If only I had the cash, I'd get a new video card. Sad
That's nice I can see if my computer can run a game, because last time I bought a game but then later figured out that it wouldnt work on my computer, and they were giving me hard time returning it.
Thanks for useful information. My computer can run a lot of games.
I'll say once again, it shows you if you meet the requierment, I still think 3dMarks or any bencher is better because it actually test your system, because requiements are just guesses by the game makers.
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