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did this website work for you?
 76%  [ 29 ]
 23%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 38

i know where you can get an easy to type in domain that would just be

you just go on
yes, it works.
dbking works for me - but the registration prosses was very long..
and you have to put their "back link" in your main page. they will delete your account if you will forget tod o this.. like me Razz

http2 is a good alternative but they dont work any more.

oh and doesnt work well with subdomains .. i tried to redirect some and it failed Sad
I like has too many demands.
warallthetm puts your site in a frame, so its not very seo'd. I still use it though:
:. Example .: (a website i designed for a wedding)
Ya that site works for me I have use it in the past when they didint want the little link. They never check mine for the link back to them.
Yes, this website work for me but I like
I use But I think their registration process is a bit too long, making me thinking of chang using! Also, I'd like to learn more about how doesn't work well with subdomain, thanks!
hi thanks for the domain Wink
i would like to know if it a good alternative for buy domain?
It works fine for me too. It's a good service, you just have to put a link back to their site. Also, it works more often than Dot TK. (Though, I still prefer Dot TK)
Fire Boar
I dislike The frames thing really puts me off, and the link back is bad too. I use because you have a choice. The regestration process is quick and easy and you can either go frames but not have a link back or you can go DNS and put a tiny link back to them, but have basically a proper domain (only free).
I really like, even though you have to put on a logo..its a nice logo. I've never had a problem with it, prefer it waaaaaaaaaay better then least works!
I just started using and I must say I love the service. I've been using for a really long time and KILLS The service for is reliable and there aren't any forced advertisements Smile. Highly recommended.
I don't know the real reason why they don't give me a domain name.
Its worked good for me.
my site in on here and my subdomain is

Mirly just my personal website with my holiday photos from Kavos and Kos.
It also works for me
I like it
It's just a little panal that looks OK and you can put it any where on your front page (bottom Laughing )
My site is
I tries using the service for a while, simply because I was hosting the site on my own computer. (I'm using frihost now because doing on my own got to complicated, and I didn't want to have to leave my computer on all the time). However, while I wanted the url cloaked so it didn't just show my ip in the address bar, the service kept the url cloaked even if you navigated away from the page by link. That was my biggest problem with it, though you get around that by simply making all your links open up in a new window.
I like cause it's free. I don't mind the link back there there site. it's a fair trade. Besides, it's not like they place ads on your site which would be a annoying.
It's work to me. I like because didn't place any ads. We just have to put they logo and give it link back. I think its better than .tk.
I never put the link on my site and it keeps working.
work fine,but is better
it's Very regrettable, I cannot open this website, I cannot use
wajahat_mehdi88 worked pretty well for me, but I like dns subdomains, because free redirection services puts your real page in frames, thus making it impossible for the search engines to crawl your website properly. Its better to park a dns subdomain and use it as a domain.
lpuniverse is waaaay better than .tk because there are no ads... i didn't even put a button on my site and it still works... with .tk you have to wait 15 seconds and look at the ads... it sucks... i like more... although it has long registration process but it's better... the best!!!

it works
see if u have registered properly
it got activated at my time for second attempt
but it loads too slowly
u can see extension
This domain work just fine! I have used it in 3 years now, and it has never failed.

Works great for me!


And yeah... I have tryed that... The whole site is just a big adsl, so if you are using that instead of you should change it now!

But you can also use both...
I personally love . The website is very clean, well organized and not a pain to look at, unlike .tk , this is only my opinion. I didn't think the registration took very long at all. And I didn't get any problems like -not working with sub domains- and so forth. The link back didn't really bother me either.
but there is an other one you can use it is better than.Co.Nr. But is the best
I've always found it to be very unreliable.

I once had my subdomain snatched away because the bot crawled my page during a downtime. No banner, no!

In addition, has a TON of rules, regulations, etc. I would suggest trying to find somewhere else.

possibly They're reliable.
I just post this 2 weeks ago...
it's the best free domain so far..
tk do alot of members swifting...
so i dont like it..
I got this error when I tryed to register my site at now... Some of you know what the problem could be? The web site adress is valid... Just try it

Oops!.. Looks like an error..

We can not reach your real web site address (Target URL) at the moment.

The web site adderss (Target URL) you entered is:

Either it is an invalid web address or your web site address is temporary unreachable from our location.


Problem solved
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