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Unable to send email to * addresses

Hey. I've tried many times to send email to some of my friends using addresses, and everytime i get the following error in UebiMaiu:

It was not possible to send this e-mail



Has a block been put in place for some reason? I can successfully send email to all other domains (including, but not Sad This error happens irregardless of which email account I try and use.
Unfortunately I have no idea what might be causing this. It might be some error/bug in UebiMaiu.
I seem to have the same @msn problem when people (namely me testing Razz ) try to register to my php-fusion cms

Anybody know if there is a fix for this ?
I m having the same problem when sending mail to and and mutch other mailboxes.
Is there any problem?
what kind of script are you using, does the error message occure immediately after sending the email, or in the inbox some time later
Actually both Squirrelmail and Uebimiau have been unable to send any mail at all for months now. At least not according to my experience / experiments. I have always thought this problem was related to the SMTP problem (mentioned in the "Current status" topic until recently) and for that reason refrained from posting about it. I am surprised that somebody has been able to send mail somewhere using webmail, because I try approximately every other week and can't remember having had any succes at all. But I noticed that the Frihost SMTP problem apparently is resolved now?

Anyway, the two problems were said to be related at the time the SMTP was still busted: (and notice the links in there)

In the following topics I already mentioned this:
The reading and receiving problems have now been fixed, but sending is still not working.

Here's a possibly related thread:

As a temporary solution I have downloaded Phoenix Mail: a lightweight non-installer mail client, just one EXE that creates its own folders when you first run it. This program can be run and used anywhere without having admin rights, the only obstacle could be a firewall that blocks any unknown application. You can carry Phoenix Mail around on a USB stick for example. Upon hearing the name you may think it's associated with Mozilla, but (thank God) it's not.

To send mail I now use my ISPs SMTP server. For me it's not really a problem anymore but of course I would be happy if it could be fixed. Wink Good luck, and if I can do anything to help let me know.
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