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J.P Montoyo to Nascar??

S3nd K3ys
Saw him on TV talknig about moving to Nascar. Said he likes to be able to slide and rub while he's racing.

Now if we could just get Valentino Rossi to make the move, my man Hayden could easily win the MotoGP World Championship.
You're right he is moving to nascar, first Bush series and then Nextel. Montoya is out of F1 and will be replaced next race by De la Rosa
Its kind of sad to see Juan Pablo move to nascar - but i think its a good move for all involved. he was just too erratic at Mclaren. he gave me way too much grief, especially at the US GP. But I wish him all the best!

As for Valentino Rossi, he won't be seeing the inside of a nascar any time soon. he wasted too much time and distracted himself by driving ferrari f2004s around at the end of last year, and now he's paying for it. He won't win the MotoGP championship. You know who will: Dani Pedrosa! His first season in the premier motogp class and he's already tearing it up! He just needs to be smarter in his riding. However, I wouldn't mind Hayden taking the championship. Regardless of who wins this year Rossi will next year because The Doctor will have a s*it load to prove!
Yeah J.p Montoyo was the most amazing pilot in F1 i think because if he can feel good,he drives wonderful!But the worst think;he is unsteady!McLaren couldn't be patient anymore about him so he decided to go to Nascar!Good luck Juan Pablo!
just wanna say gud luck to Montoya as he has no chances to win anything with the McLaren team.
djsamsung wrote:
just wanna say gud luck to Montoya as he has no chances to win anything with the McLaren team.

Well, had very little opportunity win anything at McLaren this year, but last year, he had enough. His team-mate certainly won a lot of races, so why didn't he? Because he isn't good enough!! but good luck to him nonetheless!!
He truly was one of the best F1 racers and so I think he will easily win many races in Nascar, even though he's inconsistent..good luck though
JP even though he did not get any really good results consistently when he had a good car under him, was one of the most exciting drivers out there (and this comes from a Schumacher fan). At his best he was brilliant and I will miss him and his antics in the course...
I just wanted to let you know that his last name is Montoya, not Montoyo.

And he is a good driver, he's had some pretty good races in F1. I wonder if Nascar will be a little boring for a F1 driver. you know, the races are not so hard to drive in terms of how the circuit is designed.
Everyone for a long time insisted that Montoya was an amazing driver bla bla just because of his aggressive style, and since his Silver Bow let him be that way, he was acclaimed, but he was never successful, and in so many years he proved he is not capable of being a real F1 driver, let him turn and turn in NASCAR...
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