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Mouse/Keyboard troubles

G'day! Me and a few people I know (and hadn't had any file exchange with) have been having the following problem:

The keyboard and the mouse behave as though there is severe harddisk swap going on at the moment. However, the harddisk is completely at ease, running normal applications, no crunching sounds, no memory leaks (checked at app manager). Yet still, they act as though there's lag. It's very damn irritating, and I'm not quite sure what is wrong. Any ideas?
That's not much information to go on.

What operating system do you use.
What kind of keyboard, usb, ps2, wireless?
What kind of mouse ball, optical, wireless?
What are your computer specs?
What kind of video card (if any) do you have?

Is the symptom worse at any particular time,
or does it do it all the time?
if it is not isolated only to you, then it is a software problem.
As i can assume from your post.

Have you tried running spyware/antivirus software?
Ah, yes, I did forget to mention the computer specs, my apologies. Well, here's what I'm having:

AMD Spempron 3500+/ 1GHz Ram/ NVidia NT6600 256mb/ Win XP Professional

The mouse/keyboard is from Logitech Cordless Desktop, a bit old and possibly needing replacement anyway, but not to the extent of the problems it's having. So, yup, a wireless set. Didn't install the drivers for it after the latest system refreshing, so it's using default drivers, and no, that's not the problem as I've used to without drivers before. Besides, that still doesn't explain why others have the same damned thing.

Others have:
Generally upper-mid range of PCs and laptops, and at least two have their keyboards and mice on wire (optical).

I have used anti-spyware and AVs, turns up clean. This doesn't remove the possibility of a trojan, of course, but as far as scans are concerned, all's fine. Scanned with Avast!, Spybot and Ad-Aware.

Besides the possible software issue, I suspect it may simply be the end of the line for my receiver/transmitter device. This still leaves a "What's with the others then?", though. Another possible explanation is high humidity at the moment is causing something to mess up, but I'm not quite sure if that actually happens like this. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, or has had this kind of problem before, do please share.
I would try a wired keyboard and mouse set if you happen to have one lying around to see if the problem goes away.
OK, the mouse will get glitchy if the computer processor is running to hard. Spyware, viruses, and normal programs run in Random Access Memory and only access the hard drive when needed, so the hard drive might be inactive while the processor and RAM are being run at top speed, and you'd never know it.

Look at the taskmanager (cntrl + alt + del) and then hit the processes tab. Organize by "CPU" usage by clicking that word at the top TWICE, and see what programs are using the most clock time by checking the programs as they jump to the top of the list (make sure it's most usage on top, hense clicking TWICE). Search these ".exe" files in google to see what information comes back, and you might find what is causing the issue simply by seeing a program running at full speed.

BTW I keep having trouble with "dumprep.exe" and this is a microsoft program. It simply reports errors to microsoft, but sometimes it errors out itself, and causes my system to run at full speed for a minute or two. I close it anyway just so I can get back to work.

Hope doing this helps, and that you learn something from the info you find by doing this right.
Well, unfortunately, as I mentioned in my original, though mostly quite un-descriptive post, there's no unusual activites, memory leaks, harddisk swap or anything at all to point to a problem. Hence why I'm a bit stumped myself - not the first day I'm working with computers, but the first time I'm running into this sort of malfunctioning.

As for dumprep.exe, I'm not quite sure if I had same sort of annoyance or not, but yes, I had a similar problem at one point, when "Dr.Watson" was over-excited with reporting every error, then crashing and leaving me with a near BSOD situations (Well, not quite that bad, but still - sometimes, up to complete dead halts). Solved it by setting the problem report sending and registration off in the settings. I do still get the "Blaaah.exe has crashed" sort of messages, with an option to generate a report, but at least it doesn't do it by itself anymore. If you're running XP, try looking in the Security Settings, I think that's where I found it.
It looks like a sw problem.
Does your keyboard/mouse needs special drivers from Logitech?
If yes, you could update them.
These kinds of problems make me crazy. That's why I always keep a ghost image of my hard drive on a partition and all my files on another partition including desktop, favorites, my documents, etc. Then if one of these hard to fix problems comes up, I just restore the c: drive from an image and everything is back to normal...

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the drives? I know it's a long shot. I'm assuming you have re-booted the computer? Started in safe mode?
Hmm, it never actually needed the drivers before and worked with the MS default wireless before with no problems (And that's for 3 years and 4 Windows reinstalls - 2000, XP, XP Pro), but I suppose it's worth a shot. Should reinstall my sound card drivers as well, so possibly driver base is somehow messed up. We'll see.

As for rebooting et cetera, definitely. Though I must say that last 2 days, it's been significantly cooler and drier around here, and somehow, the problem was occuring significantly less. Does make me wonder now.
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