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Best deal for static IPs?

I'm thinking of setting up my own server. What's the best deal for getting a static IP?
If you want to have a static IP with the best price, try to talk to the ISP's in your area and check if they would provide a static IP for you without any additional cost.
Unfortunately SBC!Yahoo pretty much dominates as the ISP for DSL in my area. I don't think they offer a good deal on static IPs, though, which is why I'm trying to figure out how to get one without going through them. :-/
I live in Poland, I have a connection to the internet with speed 192 kbps and one static IP for just 55,50 zl/mounth that is about 15$/mounth.
There must be any cheap ISP in your area providing static IP's.
Howether if you are willing to publish a website or have a ftp server it's better to pay some company to host it for you. It will be cheaper(in Poland usually about 20-30$/year and you do not have to keep your PC runnig 24/7) and better (much higherr bandwich and lower ping times than you could ever get through regullar connection, they are usually connected to main networks).
you can also take a dynamic one and install a little tool which redirects it to your server

check this site
and also thisone

what do you have to do:
=> make an account and install a little tool on the server, insert the account in the program and configer your account on the site by choosing a domain, you'll see:p

There are loads of ISPs that offer static IP addresses with their ADSL packages. However, remember that the static IP address is only one requirement. If you plan on running a web server, you will need a high speed upstream connection - usually, downstream speeds are much higher than upstream speeds. If you wanted to use a lot of content on your site, including videos or large files for example, you would need to use a high upstream speed - it may be in your interests to look for an SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscribers Line) connection as opposed to a standard ADSL one. It will cost more per month, but it will give you a much higher performing web service, and may even enable you to make some money by selling web space and hosting packages on it. Of course, this depends on how seriously you want to take your web server.
Static IP is provided by

ISP provider. Intimate provider the provider can give static IP
Try a free DNS server... The're lots of them out there! And you don't have to give your IP to everyone...


Agent ME
If you're hosting something, of course you need to give your ip (unless you're being hosted through someone else's server or some sort of anonymous-network).
pansophia wrote:
I'm thinking of setting up my own server. What's the best deal for getting a static IP?

Alternatively you could get a VPS if you are going to have a serious website. If it's just for fun or just sharing small things among friends, then something like dyndns can help too.
But, having a full fledged site out of your own PC has security, bandwidth, IO, uptime and many other considerations.
my RCN is as good as static as it gets, even after reseting modem i get the same IP Razz the only time I get new IP if I change my router's MAC address

again DynDns & No-Ip work pretty well especially if your router support automatic update to these services, you seriously don't need a static IP Razz
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