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"Print Spooler" service

Recently I just found that I cannot print anything because the print spooler service is not started. I tried starting but it says "the dependency services or group failed to start", and so I tried to start the LexBce Server (the print spooler's dependency service), but it says "access denied".

I tried everything I can to fix it, but it was no use. The only way I have in mind is to reinstall Windows XP, but then I'd have to waste a lot of time reinstalling all the programs etc.

More information
I edited the registry with instructions from cnet.
I have installed printers a long time ago but now my computer doesn't recognize any.
I cannot uninstall or reinstall my printers.

The problem was solved.
Arg - I've seen that problem before and can't remember what was done about it.

Off hand, though, did you disable any other services recently?
You have a Lexmark printer installed (or did have one installed)
Try this article from Microsoft.
My printer is not responding any more. Friend was using computer and a virus alert came up and they just 'removed' it without telling me until afterwards. I asked what file and they pool something or other. Now there is no spooler and printer recognized. Still trying to get printing back. DOH! Any help?
standready just so you know this was a 6 year old post. However, it could be as easy as reinstalling the drivers and software that belongs with your printer. It could also be helpful to uninstall before reinstalling. If that does not work I will try to help you more. What OS are you using?
Yes, Pauline, I do know this was an old topic but felt was better to add an existing than starting new one after searching for answer here.
There is no printer even listed under 'select printer'. Computer will not allow me to install printer - "print spooler service is not running". Windows XP
Go to System Properties>Advanced
Select Performance>Settings
Select Data Execution Prevention
Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select
Click Add
Paste this in to the file name box of the window that opens:
Select Open
Select OK when you receive the warning
Select Apply

(courtesy Microsoft Tech Support)
Thanks for the information, Bikerman, but I am still getting "print spooler service is not running" error message. Did a 'search' for spoolsv.exe and it is on the computer. Thought that might have been the deleted file.
I am so confused!
Last night, while doing more searching ("restore print spooler") I found that Microsoft had an advanced version of "Fix It" available that has a 'light' (fix problem) or 'full' (which restores) the print spooler. I had tried a 'soft' version before asking for help here.
Used the 'full' last night to restore the spooler and re-installed printer!!!

Here is a link:
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