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What was Zizou thinking?

Was the head butt in the chest acceptable?
 13%  [ 5 ]
 86%  [ 31 ]
Total Votes : 36

Why did Zinedine Zidane headbutt Marco Materazzi 10 minutes to go in the extra-time of the World Cup final?

He must have known that he would get ejected for that stunt. I could see the two players changing words before the incident, but what possible so bad could Materazzi have said that would warrant such an action. I just can't figura that out.

I know Materazzi is a dirty player and likes to get under the opponents skin. He's always grabbing, tackling hard, faking on contacts and apparently also lot of trash talking.

It was a shameful finish to wonderful career. Zidane has always been my favorite player and he did some magical stuff in the world cup. I just would like to know why he would do something like that with so little time left and the game going into penalty shootout.
Football is more than just football. Diving lessons. Cheating. Vowing. And yesterday we saw a bullfight.
The bull was too strong for Materazzi who didn't handle him with success.
The bull likes red so he received a red card.

Note: Zidane was a great player. He's one of the best 10 players ever. This incident wasn't that important for his career. People will remind his skill not this bullfight.
Whoa! There was world cup soccer going on this month??? Someone should really start a thread on that..... Rolling Eyes

Seriously, Zidane looked like a fool, a child throwing a tantrum, and will be remembered for it the rest of his life.
Heard that materazzi used some racist comments towards Zidane, due to which Zidane was provoked. He called Zidane a "Terrorist".

In any case this is not an expected response from a senior player like zidane.
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HDirtwater wrote:
Whoa! There was world cup soccer going on this month??? Someone should really start a thread on that..... Rolling Eyes

Seriously, Zidane looked like a fool, a child throwing a tantrum, and will be remembered for it the rest of his life.

Its a shame such a talented, amazing player got caught up in the moment and commited a foul that he will regret for the rest of his life. Many people have lost all respect for him because of this foul. I still hold a great deal of respect for him, and I think it goes to show that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Zidane screws up just like the rest of us, and I don't think he should be looked down for retaliating, even as brutal as it was. Zidane throughout his career controlled the field, and his career ended with lack of control with his emotions. It really is a shame, he did win player of the tournament, but I am sure he would want things to end much differently then they did.
did anyone see the italy/france game on sunday and what zidane did?

he may have been pestered by materazzi prior to the incident, but i don't think that's any reason to behave like that. especially in the final game... and at the end of your career. he let his team and his nation down with that move. if he hadn't done that, he would have definitely been in the penalty shots, and very well could have scored a goal to keep france in it.

his behaviour was inexcusable and i think that the referee was more than justified in giving zidane a red card.
a head-butt is a straight red card..... theres no debate at all about it, of course it was deserved, its the rules of the game.

I have no idea what Zidane was thinking, he is an absolute idiot what materazzi did to him was not anything unusual in a game of soccer, especially seeing as it was the final, it was just about of sledging or whatever you wana call it..... It amazes me that Zidane would just snap like that, seeing as he only had 10 minutes left of his entire football career, absolute insanity.
Some say that Materazzi called him a terrorist because of his Algerian parents, others (lip readers from Brazil) say that Materazi insulted his sister. But to me, no matter how bad he insults Zidane, a player has to be on top of things like that. Especially a top player like Zidane. I see it his responsibility that France lost the finals...and I am a superfan of Zizou. He, of all people should know that he'd better pay the Italian another goal...Games like this are more than football, it is only therefore that the Germans hired a shrink to talk to the selection before there matches. Don't let yourself get crazy, pay revenge with goals and defeat your oponent and after that tell him, "whatever, but we won"...
Some say that Materazzi called him a terrorist because of his Algerian parents, others (lip readers from Brazil) say that Materazi insulted his sister

thats what i heard too. but no matter what, zidane shouldt have behaved the way he did. a great player losing control in the world's biggest stage is unacceptable. sad that his glorious career ended this way Sad
I think there were 15-20 worse acts in the 2006. championship. So many dirty works, tooooooo many. The football game is face of the world. Sad
Zizou didn't try to fool the dudge, didn't try to cheat for the result. He didn't even affect badly to the result of his squad. I don't think his penalty shootout contribution would changed anything, David Trezeguet still would be on the spot. Btw, there was a humorous title in one croatian newspapers which combine his surname and that night act: "Trezegreda" which means "he who shakes the beam". Very Happy

Zizou is the greatest player of all the time.
yeah zizou is the best, Materazzi is nothing
Zidane was obviously goaded into this reaction by the Italian player whose name escapes me (and I don't care to remember!!) What a great player (and leader) Zidane has been over the years. Every person has their breaking point and obviously Zidane had reached his with this Italian fool. Zidane has represented everything that is positive and friendly about the World Cup - you can read this from commentators comments and the reactions of opponents when they greet him on the pitch. This fact was borne out by Zidane still winning the "Golden Ball" Trophy for player of the tournament. Zidane can still hold his head high - Vive Zizou!!
Well I'm pretty sure that Materazzi talled him something that he couldn't hear.. and he lost his head (but I'm don't think that he was suppose to react like this.)
umumkan wrote:
yeah zizou is the best, Materazzi is nothing

Yeah but the nothing scored the equalising goal and scored on the penalty. As for Zidane he was a great player but his reaction was a horrible thing to do and he will be remembered for it. 2 years ago at Euro 2004 Totti was sent out and showed with the finger for spitting on a Swedish player but now for Zidane some say Materazzi did this and did that. Does this mean that if someone insults me on the street I should do like he did ? No, so no matter what it was said and what not there is absolutely no excuse for his reaction.

But the thing that irritated the most were the comments from the french coach who tried to blame Materazzi for diving

''I don't know what Materazzi said to Zidane,'' France coach Raymond
Domenech said.
''But it's a shame. It's sad. He (Materazzi) did a lot of acting. And
for such a big man, a gust of wind made him fall over? It's

At least he could have kept his mouth closed instead of making it worst. But then again all the french players comments followed the line of we should have won not them and not one said they beat us at penalties so congratulations.
If you look closer at the career of Maradona or Pele you'll notice several games where they committed fouls or made some bad intentioned play. Important players like Zidane are many times pressured and a lot of fouls are committed over them. But an important player cannot commit any foul? He should be a sort of a saint so that people can adore him?

Football rules aren't really protecting the talented players. FIFA should make important changes on the football rules to avoid so many fouls that occur on the field. For instance, a limit on each player number of fouls. And why not video consulting?
i do not accept zidane's reaction at all.. but matterazzi should've said something offensive, most probably racist. i heard theories about what conclusions people took by watching matterazzi's lips, and if someone of them is true, a reaction like that may be logical.. i don't know if they are true, so i won't write them here. anyway, if matterazzi said something racist, fifa should decide between punishinh severly to matterazzi, or eliminating their motto "say no to racism". for the good of the sport, i'll say the first one is a better choice. the saddest thing in this story is that for some of the people who supported italy now this guy is a hero.
to conclude i repeat: zidane's red card was fair.
Regardless of what a player tells another player no one in their right mind should ever commit a foul of that sort. Zidane is a professional. He should have kept his cool and reacted by dropping the ball in the back of the italians net. I am a huge fan of Zidane, and throughout many years of playing the sport myself i have done trashtalking and had some trashtalking done to myself. But as a professional we learn to keep our cool, no matter what another player tells you. His headbutt was totally unacceptable and his teammates payed the price. I just hope he comes out later and resolves this action with the italian player and show the world that he is still a world class player.

He is still by far one of the greatest that ever played the game.
It is terrible that his great career will be overshadowed in most people's mind by that loss of control. Zidane could have controlled his anger, there are other ways to get revenge in a soccer game without getting carded. But everyone snaps sometimes and he deserved the card for his action.
I am not sure why Zindane head butted the defender in the chest man, i am confused, at the world stage where billions of people are watching the match, he should not have done that. So what could have caused him to do it, did the defender really provoked him to an extend that Zidane had no choice....

I was sure the defender had said something to him because when i watch the match i show them talking to each other just before Zindane headbutted.
romaop wrote:
Football is more than just football. Diving lessons. Cheating. Vowing. And yesterday we saw a bullfight.
The bull was too strong for Materazzi who didn't handle him with success.
The bull likes red so he received a red card.

Note: Zidane was a great player. He's one of the best 10 players ever. This incident wasn't that important for his career. People will remind his skill not this bullfight.

I don't think so, people are all talking about Zidane's atittude. He could get retired without this, with a beautiful career and everything. Now he ruined it, and the first thing that comes to my (and to many other people) head when I listen to the name Zidane is that ridiculous scene. He didn't need that.
ManKind Monster
No, It's his fault (Zidane), in every game someone curse another player. So it's isn't mattazri fault, Zidane was able to kill with head butt like he did.
well defentlly it's doesn't acceptable... but I think that what Materrazi said is very ugly and cruel... and Zizu react like this.
Nah, of course Zizou's headbutt was a very serious foul, but... there must be reasons that made he do it. If what he said is true, then it's not fair that Matterazzi could get away like that Evil or Very Mad

Anyway, that headbutt made him an anti-hero for me, which makes me like him even more Very Happy
I only heard that Materazzi was insulting some members of his family, and Zidane got mad and gave Materazzi a headbutt. I think it's acceptable, I would do the same Smile
I dont think it was acceptable, hes a profetional footballer he should no better, im sure he has heard worse think in his career.

If Materazzi did say such a terrible think y not expose him, and acctualy say what he did say.

Im sure Materazzi ws being a c*nt but with 10 mins to go he should of keeped his anger to him self.

But wat is done is done, Italy got the better of France this time.

I am French my self and proud of my country achievment, considering our start to the tournament, and what happend in 2002.
yes, it's bad that such a great player would end his career like that. But think about it, he is no more than an ordinary man, which means he has his own temper and tolerance. It is understandable for his reaction, and he did apologized afterward. Not many players in the world have the gut to do that. Zidane is by far one of the best player in the world I've ever seen, and he will always be in my heart despite this awful incident.
There is a difference between the reaction being considered normal and professional.

This guy, Zinedine Zidane, has been in professional football for over 15 years. And the football field is a very harsh one I should tell you. Swearing, tough marking psychological pressure etc. happens all the time.

Imagine yourself in your very last game, the last game of all. And you are so sodding lucky to have this game as a World cup final, in which you have scored already, and wrote yourself in the history of football by scoring in multiple final games. There are less than 10 minutes left for the end of the game, and a guy says some stuff at you. If he were a professional player, he would ignore and go on, or even say the stuff back to him, if the ref cannot hear Materazzi, he cannot hear Zidane either.

Well, Zinedine, you have lost the opportunity to retire a hero, people would have forgotten your headbutting in the Champions League, even if you would lose the final after your ongoing game. But now everybody will recall Zidane the headbutter.

The sad thing is Zidane's post-game comments, he apologized from the children who saw this, but said he did not regret what he had done. Come on, what do these children think right now. "Hmm, if sth like that happens to me, I'll do the exact same thing, if the great Zidane does not regret, then it should be the right thing to do".

You have lost everyone Zidane, everyone except the blind.
Noway the head butt in the chest was acceptable! U must be able to control your feelings on the field.

My tought about it is that he wasn't thinking at all...
Einstein tried a formula to explain the world. I don't go for that. I'll just stick with football. Let's see. I can't find the solution, but from Zidane's last experience:

Insulting your family is approximately 0 importance
Headbutt with a glimpse of a diving lesson = huge importance

These rules combined lead to another formula:
Football fans likes = "acrobatic" moves
zidane, the little man.....
who is??
you can be rich, you can be famous, but it doesn't mean that you can't be stupid!
I am italian and what to say.....WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, that's all!
It isn'y first time for zidane to make something stupid like he made but I see that many people here haven't a good memory.
Juventus-Amburg, Champions League: zidane get red card using again his head against a german player
World Cup 98: zidane get red card after passing INTENTIONALLY with his shoes on another football player!
....and he hited MATERAZZI after he told him : ****** off and I prefere your sister's t-shirt not your one after that zidane told him "be far from my t-shirt but if you are so interested in it I will give you at the end of the game"!
Anyway what made the normal player MATERAZZI and not the "fenomenal" zidane it's to got the world cup
anyway zidane can try to win it in four forget....the career of zidane IT'S OVER!
1. One of the best headbuts ive ever seen

2. Materazzi shouldn't have been banned for 2 games just because it was in the world cup final it go investigated

Unlucky materazzi Sad
He's french. Therefore it's accpetable Laughing
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