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or i shouldn't truly love anyone?

i think i'm a very sincere girl who always truly love my guy and do everything for him with my best. i really have truly,deeply love for him like i would never get hurt but i do get hurt a lot.

since my feeling for him is so strong, it hurts me a lot knowing that he doesn't have any love for me any longer. all he has for me right now is caring. actually i should be ok with that but maybe i'm too selfish, i also need his love. he wants us to be good friends but sometimes that's hurt. i do miss him most of time in each day. i have no choice living with loneliness and no hope.

some of my friends told me i'm very nice person there will surely be a better guy waiting for me in the future, just let him go. what if i don't want a perfect guy but the guy i love? there are so many nice guys in the world but all i want is just one. could it be this one? he's not perfect but he's the one i love. it's hurt so bad to separated from someone we love,ain't it? or i shouldn't be so sincere and shouldn't love anyone truly? so that i won't get hurt cuz there is no love in my heart?
Dear Thai Girl:

Sorry to hear about your relationship isues and how guys have been treating you. I would suggest looking into how "Quantum Physics" (yes I said Quantum Physics) controls how your mind interrupts love and other feelings.

Let me try to explain as I am new to quantum physics myself it may be a little challenging for me.

Say you meet a guy and you start talking with him and all of a sudden you get this feeling that he makes you feel all tingly and good inside. This is because a nerve center of the brain has a receptor for a chemical that is produced by the hypothalamus and when that receptor is stimulated by connecting nerve centers such as good sense of humor, fun, cute, sexy, or many other things that you may associate with someone you may see that way then the nerve center requests the hypothalamus to produce that chemical and send it to the receptor. Once the receptor receives this chemical it goes nuts. Thus feeling the good feeling you are now feeling.

Ok so now you meet this guy been seeing him for a while and all of a sudden 19 months later ya'll get into a big fight. He ends up hitting you and until now you have only had good feelings for him so you associated HIM = LOVE, GOOD, KIND, SWEET, ETC. but now after hitting you that action is associated with bad things. He is now associated with HIM = HATE, REBELION, LOVE SWEET, KIND, GOOD, ECT.

But here is the kicker it all has to do with how long you have been with a person and how many connections you have made with them in your mind as to if you will think more bad thoughts or good ones.

It works the same way for when couples are together for years and years also. Someone may be your soul mate now but due to different life experiences or other things that may change the nerve connections around that same person may have different needs in a few months, years, or even days. It is this that leads to divorce and separations.

So if I were you don’t worry so much about if there is something wrong with you or them. Just know that while they may have truly loved you at one point it is completely possible that they do not now and its not even there fault.

I hope this helps you a lot and if you have any questions please let me know I will do my best to answer them.
actually i studied veterinary science, there was no such a thing that told me neurotransmitters could get ppl fall in love but just feel good, bad, pain, etc. ok you can say it's vet not human medical one but it was on the same base since human is a type of animal too.

i can't see any connection between your theory and neurotransmitter at all. sorry. if you still wanna explain your thought then it's ok, we can exchange the knowledgement here.
siran wrote:
... or i shouldn't be so sincere and shouldn't love anyone truly? so that i won't get hurt cuz there is no love in my heart?

Yes, this might help protecting your heart from the hurt... until you find your soul mate, Siran.
I really hope you will find him some day and if you do find him, you can give him all your love.
Please visit and listen to:


Real Audio | MP3


I hope this helps start your search. Otherwise search for Quantum Physics in Social Relationships with your favorite search engine.
well! i gotta say i know quantum physics but what's the connection? i think u r just trying to make fun of me,aren't u?
I think he's really trying to help you.
(If a mod can make this image smaller please do then please edit.)

First off I need to know:

Do you see a cube? Or do you see something else?

If you see a cube, then which face is in front?

Does the face of the cube quantum jump everytime you look?

Do you think it jumps in your head or on the screen?

If you believe it jumps in your head why do you believe that?

If you believe it jumps on the screen why do you believe that?

Well how this.... If you believe it happened in your head then how can that be you have a big booger up there no brain just a booger. Well I mean come on theres more proof that u have a booger up there than a brain I mean you blow boogers out your nose not brain matter. Everything you learnt in ANATOMY WAS A LIE!

Now this is not so but the mind is a place of beliefs. If you believe you can do something or you believe something is so then it is so to YOU!

Now someone else may see this cube and say I dont see ist jump or say they think it happens on the screen. It is because they either believe that it can only happen on the screen and your mind cannot move an external object. Or for those that dont see it move at all may not be visual thinkers at its simplest term.

What I am tring to tell you is if you stop focusing on getting hurt and start focusing on being loved and who you want to be loved by that person will be reality. Of course this is a deeper level of Quantum Physics but listen to Dr Fred Alan Wolf PhD and others on register for free for 15 days and get all the audio and videos u can handle. That is only one resourse I learned from and I am not selling there stuff but I see that as a valueable resource.

I am only truing to help you become intune with your mind and the other 90% within and what it has instore for you.
Citizen Kane
eh, this stuff has nothing to do with Quantum Physics. Instead it's all based on Neurolinguistic Programming. The way the mind thinks and makes connections has nothing to do with the interactions of the tiniest an biggest parts of which things are built. At least not to the extent in which we try to give advice to the original poster.
siran wrote:
it's hurt so bad to separated from someone we love,ain't it? or i shouldn't be so sincere and shouldn't love anyone truly? so that i won't get hurt cuz there is no love in my heart?

"Love is caring about the person, being there for them no matter what it costs you (physically, emotionally, etc.), and a willingness to endure all things necessary to keep that person in your life." It's not just about you, see? I for one truly love someone even though I know that we two cant be together. It breaks my heart to face this reality everyday but here i am, loving her still. Crying or Very sad
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