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Do you (still) have a retro system?

Computers like the Apple II, Commodore 64/VIC-20, Atari 400/800, etc.

I only recently started with those vintage systems (I mean, come on, I'm 16, I never lived back then..)

At the moment there is not much (only a c64, NES and SNES), but that will expand soon enough Smile

I have a working NES.
C64 (broken) and C64/128 (working) with two CPUs!!!!! ... of course you could only use one at a time lol. I still play Winter Games every once in a while.
Alpha Dude
I have two (broken) ZX Spectums... I still remember the days when it used to take like half an hour just to load one small game, such games which by today's standards would not even appeal to an eight year old!

Just to relive old times, I got myself an emulator, lol
IBM PC Junior, with original box and manuals. Upgarded system memory to a whopping 256....kb LOL!
I have a zeos 386+ notebook:
15" black and white flatscreen monitor (7" viewable)
512K system memory.
25mhz cpu (with mathematical co-proccesor!)
20MB hard drive
Floppy drive
14k modem
DOS operating system

That's a great system. I have no idea about it's age, but it seems to predate the mouse. It is just barely able to play some of the old DOS games.
I bought an Amiga 500 w/monitor at a garage sale for $10 a few years back. I used to own one after upgrading from a c64 back in the day. I still had a lot of my old software, it is great for retro gaming, though most of the stuff you can run on an emulator now, it's not the same as having the real thing.
The composite monitor alone was worth more than $10, I hook it up to my video camera while editing videos on my PC, it makes a great reference monitor since the images are sent from my editing program directly to the monitor via/firewire through the camera.

I've been toying around with putting together an old 486 sx w/soundblaster to play some old DOS games. DOSBOX works pretty good on modern machines but there are still a lot of quirks.

I do have an old 8088 zenith laptop laying around collecting dust somewhere, not sure if it is good for anything, I should put it on ebay.
Probably the oldest and slowest system that I have to date is a Toshiba Satellite 100CS, a Pentium 1 system running at 75MHz, with an 800MB hard drive, 32MB of RAM, and Windows 95. I had a 386 laptop before but I gave it away to someone I knew. I used to have a Commodore 64 but I trashed it since it broke. Since the NES is mentioned, I also have a working box too. Smile I have an array of games for it too.

- Mike.
The following all working...

ZX spectrum +
ZX spectrum +2
Amiga 600
2x IBM PC XT 8088 with fullsize 5.25" floppydrives, no harddisk, 640K memory.

And no, they aren't all turned on! Razz

If I want a little retro action, I just use emulators now!
I have 3 NES, still all in working condition. Surprisingly one of them doesn't require you to blow in the games to work, simply amazing.

My brother and his friends play 4 player volleyball on it, since we have the wireless, yes they have it back then, multitap. It was called the NES satellite, and it consumes 6 C-sized batteries O_O;... I also have the running pad (The good ol days of running as fast as you can on it, then just jumping of the pad and see you jump 30m in the athletic game is killer)

As well I have the Sega Master System. It's dusty and the built in game kinda work on and off.

That's my 2cents.
Well if we are gunna bring consols in this i have:

NES, still in working condition
2xSega Genesis, only one of which actually works, im trying to fix the other though.

On a side note also, for the computers, i know i said i have the PC Junior, but i thought id also mention that i have an old P1 server from back when that was a good thing to have running....ha. It boasts a 133mhz clock speed with 4Mb of RAM, 4x 5400RPM HDD that equal a total storage capacity of 500Mb and a 250Watt PSU. Its quite a beast, its got a full server tower and weighs a ton and half lol. Its quite a site to see when it boots too, it runs win95 quite well.
i still have a sega megadrive with 50 games spose that isnt that old
I guess that I should check to see if my parents have my old TRS80 Model 1 in their attic. It worked when it was put there. LOL. There were some Tandy BASIC games I had on cassette tape like Space Invaders,etc. White monochrome screen, a printer that printed thermally on 6" foil paper. Ahhh, the memories...

10 PRINT " ";
20 For A=1 to 100; NEXT A
30 GOTO 10

I have a working
Sega Master System with the Sega Scope 3d Box Set. Every thing has matching Number. The master system, glasses card, glasses, gun, 1x game, and 2x controllors. All of it. I EVEN HAVE THE BOX TO GO WITH IT AND THE FOAM INSERT.

Beat that Their is nothing better then the box set w/ all matching numbers and the box. Though the box has taken a beaten.

I have 5 games. Nothing speical.

Not as speical, A Sega Genesis 3.
I have an Apple SE/30, still working great!
Not the best for graphic design nowadays.... Wink
I never owned one, But I did work with Macs made in the 80's back when I was a little tod in school.
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