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I think that everything i studied in college did not get me anywhere
university today is nothing but a business
taking money and giving nothing in return but a paper
i want my moey back
i think that something shuld be done with the text books prices

there is no reason for the rediculus prices
there is no reason in the world for a new eddition every two years

there shuld be a student commity that will review text books
and will decide which to use according to
how good they are for learning
and other criteria

lets put an end for this money machine called university
how annoying is it that each university has its own credit system
and that they can decide which to accept and which no to accept

how many people did you meet that transfered from one university to another
students who studied the same major
and had half of their credits eccepted?

wht an annoing thing
why in the world shuld that be?

why cant the credit system be standardised?
so that each course you take you will know you can use it in any university?
and if they have a unique course that can not be transfered
they should report it
so the student will know he is taking a cours that might not be transferable

again there is a need for a student comitty that will review this and will have some deciding authority.

dont forget that at the university we are the costumer
and WE should allways be right

we need to take the power back in our hands
like in the 60's

students used to set the world's agenda
today we are nothing but ipod zombee's
time to take actiojn
Couldn't you compress all that in one post, instead of having to make three???

1)That paper, called a degree, is what (most) employers look at/for in hiring someone. Without a job, you have no money, thus, you'll have problems in finding a place to live...etc... And most jobs that don't require degrees and are easy to find/in abundance are minimum wage and you can't live off that

2)Textbook prices aren't set by universities; they're set by the publishing companies that put out the textbooks. So the university has nothing to do with the textbook prices.

3)About transferration of credits, it depends on the universities. The public universities in a certain state are often standardized, which means that most of the time allow complete transferration of credits from another public university in the same state. However, when you switch to/from a private university(which is free to do as it chooses) or between states, you could get into trouble involving credits. The smart way to avoid that is to do your research before taking courses if you know from day one that you plan to transfer or if you decide that you want to transfer, make sure via research that they will accept it...

4)The customer is NOT always right. That is just a ridiculous statement employers use to get their employees to respect customer even after they have po'd the employee(especially in retail and fast food jobs). If the customer was always right, then the business couldn't run.
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