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Recommended pre-natal exercise DVDs?

As a change from the World Cup topics. Wink

I'm looking for some recommendations for a good pre-natal exercise DVD. I bought one, sight unseen and unrecommended just because it was cheap and I got what I paid for. Confused Not much. So I'm hoping there's a lady or two out there who reads the sports forums or a husband or boyfriend who knows what his partner does who can give me a personal recommendation for a DVD.

I'm not looking for anything specific, so feel free to suggest anything appropriate. I'm in decent shape already, but no Ironwoman, in case that makes a difference.

Thanks for your help!

Andi now wonders to herself how long it will take this subject to drop off the face of the forum without a response...
Hey Andi,
first off we argued in another thread and illjust leave it at that because this is a totally new thread and theirs no sense in arguing here.

congratulations on the baby. i can tell you from my wifes experience that yoga is the best thing to do while pregnant. when she was pregnant she took yoga classes and it helped her out a lot. they teach you to relax and it helped her release a lot of stress (unfortunatly i had to go to a few). they really do help. find a yoga instructor close to where you live and tell him/her that you are pregnant. as for dvds my wife couldnt find any either. i hope this helps.
Thanks for your response Kamu8recon and your congrats. Don't worry about arguing on the other thread, life wouldn't be interesting if everyone had the same opinion. Smile

Anyways, thanks for the tips. I do know a few yoga instructors around here so I might contact them, I was just hoping for something I could do myself as well when I have spare time.
You actually can... after my wife and I went to the classes for a few months she started to do her own yoga at home (whew less money for me to spend). what month are you at right now? cuz i remember the yoga insrtuctor saying that she shouldnt do certain things when she was at 8 months. well i hope all goes well... and remember to eat healthy!!!!
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