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What's your dream job and how achieveble is it?

Many people have a dream job for their entire life, even if they all their life have been working a more paid or accesible one. What's your dream job and how achieveble is it?
Hi ~! Dude

As you say Many people have Dream Job.
But Its not in my case. I don't want a job. I don't want to work under someone else. I will build up my own business.

Its just a dream now, now it will be challnge for me to make it a success.
Currently I'm a student and doing B.E in computer science.
In my terms, my dream job is simply to be an English teacher in high school. Although it is not easy at the present time, I still want to. In such a competetive world, to apply for the job isn't that easy, especially in Taiwan, such a small island with few and few kids in ther future.
I'm with you lonely. One of my dream jobs is teaching (although I prefer history to English). There's no shortage of kids here in the US, but there is a surplus of history teachers. The job search next year (when I finally finish school) should be tough, but hopefully I'll find an opening somewhere that is acceptable.

My problem, though, is that I can't narrow it down to one dream job or future. At the moment, teaching has piqued my interest. But I also want to continue school in a graduate program (for history, political science, or social studies education; I can't decide on that either). And then, of course, there's my childhood dream of being a computer programmer, making games or something equally interesting. I thought I was free of that dream, until I stumbled across Frihost and now I'm back into programming.

I guess it's good not to have too narrow of a dream (or else you might never attain it), but sometimes its just annoying to want to do/be too many different things at once.

- Walkere
My dream job is to be a proud owner of FRIHOST some day.

I've been working in a dead-end position for 9 years. Sad
Now, I'm thinking of a career change. I'm dreaming of being a chef, of course, in my own restaurant. Think
I will apply to a culinary arts school by the end of this year, after I collect enough money. Very Happy
hellrahul wrote:
Hi ~! Dude

As you say Many people have Dream Job.
But Its not in my case. I don't want a job. I don't want to work under someone else. I will build up my own business.

Its just a dream now, now it will be challnge for me to make it a success.
Currently I'm a student and doing B.E in computer science.

Your going to need a some experience before you go on on your own. It would be a bad step to get out fresh from school and starting your own business. I heard that you use only a small amount of what you learn in school for work in the real world. not sure if that's true for all.
I'm building my own buisness while I'm in grad school. I teach violin, so I'm building my studio as I go. My dream job is to teach violin and to have some sort of group I perform in regularly (like the local symphony). For me, this is very obtainable because I'm already doing it, just not full time.
I am happy couse i kind of have my dream job already, i teach creative writing at the English literature department at the local University. But you know i always had way too much hobbies, so its impossible for me to have one truly fulfilling dream job thats why i also do design/graphics stuff part time as a freelancer. Another reason for me to have 2 jobs is money issue couse lets get real, teachers around here don't make too much money as it is, but in a way of having a dream job money isn't the issue that should stop you. Wink
My dream Probably something in relation to graphic design, possibly even fashion design...where I get to make stuff that I can see and/or feel and be able to just be creative. Smile Orrrr...maybe like a thrift store owner, something really weird.
I want to become a CEO of my own company which will be founderd by myself.
Oh, i must study and work hard,for my future.
Recently, I've been pondering over this career job issue.

You see, I have just graduated with a diploma in film. And feeling extremely burnt out, I told my lecturer after school ended, "I'm going to quit the film line!" He didn't appear worried at all. He just had this deadpan look on his face when he replied, "Well, you are coming back to the dark side. It's just a matter of time. The forces of evil will lure you back."

I didn't believe him. But guess what? He was right.

After a few months of working in another line, I'm back to film business. I've started freelance writing for film and TV. Haha.. amusing, really. I'm heading to the UK in October to major in linguistics. After which, I'd like to return and lecture media studies, while doing freelance writing. That's my dream job. I love teaching and I love film. Wouldn't it be great if I could combine the two? Smile
I have a dream to work for Google
i'm a Computer Science Engineering fresher going to join Cognizant. Technology Solutions
Don't know how to negotiate my dream job
Working at Google
Probably to do something in Music Production, it's not massively well paid or anything but it's something I'd like doing. Actually getting enough money for my records to support myself would be excellent but if that doesn't happen I'm not fussed, I just make music for fun anyway Laughing.
Just being a succesful marketing/graphic designer. It must be both challenging, inspiring, and fulfilling. It would also have to pay enough to support myself and my future family. That last part is a must. If it doesn't do that, then it's not a dream.
Rad Ultima 2
I would really like to become a computer programmer. Everytime I start learning C++ though, it starts to get too boring for me to continue. I must have started and quit about five times now... Sad

Would be nice to work for a computer game company. Would really be interesting to be financially supported and have an awesome job like that. I really can't wait to start my college courses. Perhaps the world will show me interesting things!
I would like to be a top government official in my country. Better if it's related to my field, economics. Perhaps I would like to be the President of the Central Bank, Finance Minister or Minister of Commerce. Parallel to that I would like to have a chair in a University as a tenured professor. I life in academia and/or in government as a policy maker are definitly my dream jobs
I would love to become a top novelist, like jkrowling.That seems a very unattainable dream but i will try my level best.
i used to dream about being able to photograph my favourite bands and have them on the cover of rolling stone. now id be happy to photograph local bands and spend most of my time as a photographic artist.

ahh the life of a starving artist... Smile rolling stone would be 'selling out' anyway
my dream job is being an aerospace engineer, specifically being the head design engineer at Lockheed Martin

it's weird because I've known I want to do this since I was relatively small, like 10 years old

when my friends were saying that they want to be firemen and astronauts and etc, I was the one making the awesomest (is that a word?) paper planes and enjoying math

I'm now a senior in high school in California, and I hope to get accepted to either Purdue University in Indiana or California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo here in CA, both are good engineering schools

I'm kinda hoping to be like the 21st century's Howard Hughes. except less crazy.
I want to be a US Supreme Court Justice. I am extremely passionate about the separation of the court and legislative systems, and I see them becoming more and more diffuse. I would be the kind of Justice who could ignore personal morals and such in order to do the extremely important job that the people entrusted him with (the application and interpretation of law).

Unfortunately, my value of law is very unpopular. People really don't want judges to make decisions that they deem to be immoral, even if they are legal. People say that they don't want justices "legislating from the bench", but they get mad if this does not happen. This would be a big hindrance for me in reaching this position. Another is that the president is usually politically motivated in making nominations. The president is even more likely than others to want justices who will make decisions of a certain political nature rather than basing decisions purely on the law. However, I have a good friend who I think has a good shot at becoming the US president and she thinks that I would make an excellent justice.

However, I may be able to change some of the hindrances to people's desire to follow laws by changing ineffective laws as a US Representative and Senator prior to becoming a supreme court justice. There are a few amendments which I believe are needed for the US Constitution (some of them are already in practical use, despite never having been made law). Some of them are rather large (a complete overhaul of the presidential veto, for instance). This particular change would hit a lot of opposition from more libertarian voters (despite the fact that it would actually decrease governmental power and increase democratic decision making, since it would cost more money).

Even if I do not get appointed as a supreme court justice, I will probably become a representative and senator and definitely use my legal training as a lobbyist for the changes I think are necessary.
Hmmmm... My ultimate dream job would be an entrepeneur, i simply can't see myself not having much control over my job, or seeing my efforts drowned in the vastness of a big business. Before that, though, i will certainly have to gain some form of experience. I'll probably start up doing programming, or perhaps consultancy, but thats a long way off yet, still plenty of time for my ambitions to change. Wink
Well my "dream" job would have to be a glamour photographer, for obvious reasons. Wink....but specking seriously, I'd say I'd settle for being successful working as a "Detective", mainly because of the pure adrenal rush and excitement.
My dream job is to become a movie producer and director. I also want to have my own design business.
i have no idea what my dream job is - but i know i love my job. I want to be able to get up every morning and want to go to work.

When I want to change jobs or progress my career, I always go through the paper and see what jobs i like, and the jobs i dont -makes it easier to work out what you want.

If you know what you want to do - a backwards career path is always helpful. Meaning that you look at the job you want , then work backwards as to were you are currently -enables you to break it down in to managable steps.
Dream job...
Beeing a famous and rich actor in hollywood or something like that
Well, i'm 14 almost 15 atm, and i've never had a job. So any job atm would be pretty 'dream' like! Razz But as for the future, dream job? Jeremy Clarksons job maybe! Razz Or something similar. Or maybe something really cool to do with graphic design or something. Not overly sure, owning Microsoft? Laughing

My dream job is definately being a high school music teacher (if you're head of department, here in Canada you can make 90-95k a year). It's quite achievable for me as I already have my grade 10 piano (i'm actually third in Ontario), and I also play violin, trombone, drums and timpani.

Currently, i'm teaching piano to a number of younger students.
I want to make a living as a professional actor, and it's incredibly attainable, as I'm in my last year of theatre school now and will be sending packages off to casting directors/theatres within the next two months.
My dream job is pretty basic, I think. I want to program video games for a living. However, that's the bare minimum. Who I want to program for changes frequently, but right now I'm pretty stuck on working for whoever develops Blizzards games, which could be blizzard themselves. I don't know if they're strictly a publishing company or not. Anywho, it would be awesome to take part in developing something Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft, WoW, all of which have been amazing games that only seem to get better.
I want to be a surgeon... which seems pretty unachievable for me at the moment. I'm still waiting on uni applications and then we will see what happens... but I guess that will be the biggest step to get closer to my goal.
Im studying business and when I became Bachelor of Business Administration I wan to set up my own business. Right now Im doing a business blan for one of my ideas.
codenameshypher wrote:
Many people have a dream job for their entire life, even if they all their life have been working a more paid or accesible one. What's your dream job and how achieveble is it?

My dream job wud b 2 bcome an astronaut. And 99.9999999% chances r that it wud reamin a dream. One of my other dreams is 2 bcome a pilot and its achievable 2 sme extent. Just need the funds, and i am makin way for that
MY dream job is staying at home everyday and waitting money posted to me .
That's impossibile... Laughing
My dream job would be to tell my children stories. Oh, and play games with them. Yet I'd enjoy that so much I hardly consider it should be called a "job", so...

My dream job would be to be a poet, or a mathematician, or a pianist. Yet I lack the insight, imagination, and inspiration for any of those. So instead, I'm going to be a doctor.
Well I love math and science. My dream job is to work in a lab. I want to major in physics and mathematics and work in a lab. I can't wait until I can pursue my career.
My dream job would be to become a NASA scientist or engineer. I would love that so much! Especially if I got to do some experiments in space...... I'm working hard on becomeing one and making the dream come true. I'm learning as much as I can and I'm going to try to go to the best schools to become one.
Well, I have always wanted to be a Pro Gamer but theres a small hitch to that. I am from India where gaming aint that big an industry. The mentality of most Indian parents is to make their children graduates and send them abroad and make sure they lead a happy life. This has been happening in the country from like ages now and people are just used to it.
I am pretty sure that if you come over to India and ask a teenager what his ambition in life is - they would either say an Engineer or a Doctor. You really cant blame them. Its not their ambition. It's their parents.

Something similar has happened with me too. Just like the rest I joined an engineering college and was seriously gaming at the same time. I really didnt like the college and did explain it to my parents about how I could take up a a career in gaming. Well, they weren't convinced and said that it was necessary to have a basic degree. Well, I played along and I am currently doing my Bachelors.

Well, Lets just say God didnt want me to end up like that. Last year I was offered by one of the leading Game Publishers in India to start working as a Game Master (GM) for their MMORPG and I happily took the job. What else could I ask for? This way my interest slowly shifted from Gaming to Developing and over the course of 1 year I managed to nearly master a numerous number of languages and the infrastructure on which the games are based.

Today, I stand a week away from my big day. My project got selected down to the final 2 of 119 International Projects submitted to the Actoz Soft and I am going to Korea to give my presentation. If I get through, then I guess I reached the beginning of my goal. My parents now tell me that if I do get the project then I could quit my Bachelors and pursue a career in Developement.

I am pretty happy actually despite the fact there were days when I thought my dream of becoming a Gamer would never come true. I am 18 years old and I have a long way to.
My aim has surely changed now. I want to bring gaming in India to a whole new level and encourage more to take up careers in gaming. Things have to change one day or the other and I will try my freakin best to revolutionize gaming in India.
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