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What would u do if you has Rm1000000 ?

Well for me, since I always have trouble coming to school in time, I would buying a car for myself. After that , I would like to travel all over the globe. For instance, I would like to travel to Egypt and sail along the river Nile River on my luxurious sail boat or race through the English countryside on my magnificent stallion. After that , I would like to enjoy all the dim sums in china and sushi in Japan. I would also like to see the Incan ruins in South America and go to Paris and eat all the French fries although they are not the ones who invented it. There are so much to see in the world and that is one of the thing that I must do with with my RM1 million.
But as we all know , money doesn't grow on trees and it also doesn't last that long so it should be put to good use. Not for terrorism, not for war and mostly not to satisfy our desires or to show off how rich you are. If i should use the money to change my lifestyle, I'm afraid that I might turn greedy and regret it for the rest of my life. My life should be simple as always and the way I believe it should be. I am myself whether I am poor, simple or rich. Well that's the story or fantasy about my RM1 million and I , at least for now....
is a RM1 million a car ? Confused

Sorry i got confused Laughing
Please search before posting.

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