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Reading makes one more informative and useful. a person can to broaden his mind and may also provides entertainment as well. reading is food for ones creativity because you has to imagine the scenes that are describe in the story. unlike the person who is watching a film , where is little left for imagination. one of the benefits of reading is that it encourages a person to use imagination. so Everyday I will take for around one hour for reading. For me., I more like to read a story from book compare with film .Would you same opinion with me?
Yup, I agree. Reading is definately better than watching a movie! Because you can make what you want of it. It's more personal. I don't usually aim for an amount of reading time though, just read when I feel like it.
I do an extent. Reading is absolutely wonderful for all the reason described above. It offers a time out from the real world and getting lost in a book is such an amazing feeling. Nonfiction books often contain all sorts of useful information and the detail that goes into a fictional novel surpasses that which goes in to a movie.

That said, there are times when a movie hits the spot. Movies require far less attention than books.

Whether I watch a movie or a read a book is dependent on my mood.
Yes i agree with all of you reading is better than a movie, books has more information then a movie books are more detailed than a movie.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that at times a good movie is just as good as a good book. The problem is that most movies are, well, subpar. If you can dig up a good classic though, for example Apocalypse Now, it can incorporate a lot of the same elements that a good literary novel does, for example its counterpart A Heart of Darkness. Also, I'm a history teacher and sometimes a good movie is the best way to stimulate a student's imagination and give them a sense of what something was really like (i.e. Platoon, Saving Private Ryan).

With that said, I do read a lot. I'm a student of political philosophy and "headachey" books, as my fiancee would call them, are far superior in area to movies/tv. I also read a lot of literature and drama. Of course, no day is complete without reading the newspaper. This is one area where the written word is clearly superior - television "journalism" is a mind numbing embarrasment.

To return to my first point, though, I don't think that film is inherently a less capable artistic medium than writing. I think there's much less talent in the field and the commercial nature of Hollywood hurts its artistic potential (although the same argument could be made about a lot of modern literature).

- Walkere
Before, I wasn’t into reading. I thought it was boring and that I’d just get sleepy and lazy. But after I tried it, I enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve loved reading books (novels and stories, but not related to academics… hehe). Reading can get you up high and down low. It triggers one’s imagination. It can be really fun.
Reading is great...any form, any where, any how, I'm up for it. Novellas, stuff--anything works! I've always been an avid reader and it's a great way to relax and unwind...sorta hypnotic too. Smile
Reading is good hobby!!!
It helps us to gain knowledge...
We can learn many things through reading some useful books~

I love reading~ Very Happy
exactly, hehe, i could not agree any more.

actually, when i read the book of Harry Porter, i have a lot of imagination of the scenes and the characters. When i came to the chapter of the roarsing letter, i just felt it so great and could not help thinking of the image of the emotional letter. When littel Porter met first time the monster, I just felt terrible.

But when I watched the moive in the cinema, I just lost all of those imaginations and feeling about the magic world in my brain.

totally agree with you, and reading provides much more space for imagination.

but nowadays the paper-based books are tiding out from history, while the ebooks and internet-based reading dominates the new age. Any idea to make it better and comfortable is welcome and popular with the readers.
I do not focus on any particular kind of books. Just reading gives me a great kind of satisfaction and hence I have tried to read for an hour daily.

I read management books, technical books on anything and fictions. I realised the value of being a good reader quite late in life. I have yet not developed the reading habit and hence I wish and hope that I'll be able to let my daughter know the value of being a good reader when she starts going school.

I had lost the touch with my imaginations, but ever since I started forcing me to read varied stuff - I feel I am regaining the touch with my real self.

Thanks BOOKS!!
i have been reading lots of ebooks. . i am just a computer freak guy and i am online for most of my time. so reading books have beeen replaced by reading ebooks.
i have about 2 gbn collection of ebooks.
Hey I like reading. I am actually pouring myself over some computer books but when my best friend sent me some novel ebooks I just had to lay off my studies for a while. XD

Gaaah! Have to make her stop sending those stuff. Such good books can be a distraction! LOL
I enjoy reading. In developing my invention and business, I read many technical books. I have even written an e-book about my experience to help others.
I agree with idea of books over movies. One thing movies never have the time to really get into the subject book but rather skim over them. Good example: the Harry Potter movies. Anyone ever read "The Towering Inferno"?
I like using my imagination. That helps me as an engineer solve problems but helping be more creative.
If you are looking a good classic to read - visit the Project Gutenburg.
I like reading. Although I'd stick with fiction most of the time because I am one of those people who fall asleep reading anything non-fiction @_@.

However, I wouldn't say it's definately better than films. They are two different things each with its pros and cons. It's like comparing cheese and butter o.o

Books leaves more to your imagination. and can take you deeper into the mind of the characters while movies let you see them in life and more "real".

Of course movies often leave out alot of the essence that make the books, so it feels like it's missing a lot after you've read the book. But I don't think it's fair to just consider movies based on books, there are plenty movies made from scripts and scripts alone =P

I just think they both are entertaining in their own sense. Books for quiter relaxation and movies for when you long for the colors and the sounds.
I personally would rather watch a movie than read the book. Sometimes though, the book is better anyway. I'm not against reading, and think it is a great thing, but I really have no time to and I'm very picky about what I read. I like a certain style and not many writers use that style.
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