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True Friendship

Friends, are they really true to you? nowadays, People including you and I have roads and path to puddle and mend. Friends can sometimes come in handy but be ware, there are going to be those who will block your way and drill the puddle even deeper. In other words, It is hard to make out who is really a true friend and who is not. Do you has a True friend? or not ? Is that all the friends around is true friend?
It seems obvious to me that you have recently had a bad experience with a friend. Maybe you'd like to talk about it?

As for me, I have some very good friends who I have already experienced that they will stick with me through anything. My philosophy is that it is better to have a few selected close friends than a large number of superficial friends who you can not depend on. I have known my best friend since sixth grade and most of the others since eigth grade. School is the time to build lifelong friendships.

But I too have been betrayed by one of these close friends. It hurt me a lot. But sometimes there is a bad apple in the best bush.
If it is the case, then he or she is not your friend at all. Friend is one who supports you who encourages you to go ahead not the one who pulls you from behind.

So, if you find someone pulling you from behind, be sure, he's not your friend. It's just your delusion that he's your friend.

How about you?

You ever pull someone from back? or encourage your friend without jealousy?
A friend will wake up in the middle of the night and bail you out of jail.
Your true friend will be in the cell beside you sauing, "That was f%@*ing awesome!!!"
I think you already know the answer.

True friends will be there to help you go your way.

People who will block you and make the puddles deeper are not true friends.

As for being able to tell which is which, it really depends on the people you are friends with. Trust your instincts, and what you know about that person. But don't be too afraid of the false friends hurting you, or you'll never find your true friends.
True friends would be a delight to hang out with. If some one is making your problems deeper or making new problems in your life, then it would not be a joy to be with that person. That will make it abvious that this person is not a true friend.
It sounds like you've gone through a change in your social environment. Don't worry, the whole world hasn't changed in that particular way, but it is noticable that the more urban a society is, the less personal everyday relationships tend to be. This can be trace back to the rise of industrialization because individual roles in society have become more specialized and seemingly less dependant than say, an agricultural town where everyone knows that they depend on each other.

The focus of friendship in your social environment might be less caring, but it is also a means of taking advantage of the diverse resources surrounding you. You can prepare yourself for an impersonal friendship simply by identifying someone who is trying to use you as a means rather than just an ends and by treating them the same way. You can take your friendship further when they have shown that they want to take it further.

I know it's just an elaborate way of saying something that seems like common sense. But a lot of normal people will abuse your friendship if you can't determine when to treat somebody like a close friend and when to treat somebody like a resource. It's confusing because we have to use these two different types of friendships every day in our society. In a perfect world, everyone would potentially be a "true" friend, but in most situations it's just not practicle.
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