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Great games to play

Great games to play
1.Maple Story
Maple Story is anime style RPG with different jobs such as Warrior, Bowman, Theif and Magician. You can gain levels and talk to other people. No PvP.

2.Endless Online
Endless online is ating. You can interact with other players and gain levels. PvP but no skills required. It is more of a tag PvP lmost like Runescape except for a diablo style way of fighting.

I bet you have all heard of this game =). 3D game I really can't describe. One of the biggest free games out there with over 210k players and over 115 servers.

4.Gunz Online
CS styled 3rd person game with lots of guns and people. You can level up and even use a sword. Players kill eachother using swords\daggers\guns\kodachis and try to gain a higher score for a higher level.

5.MU online
This game I have not played but heard around that it is good and you should try it if you have a high-GB hard drive..

This game is not really populated but many people enjoy it. You can choose a team and shoot different kind of laser guns at eachother. No levels but you can chat with other people and there is even a chat room. Somewhat detailed maps and really really fun. This game does stick out from all the rest because it's nifty to play with.

Oh yes, Neopets. A game where you raise your pet to do stuff including PvP and levels. There are items and alot of games to play for Neopet money. You can adopt Neopets and sell your items as if they were on eBay. You can own a shop and make your Neopet equip items.

This game is almost exactly like MU online and if you played MU then you will enjoy this game. Players can gain levels and talk to other players while defeating monsters and doing quests.

Oh yeah we can't forget the precious Soldat. A game that many FGF members play. Around 10 different guns to choose from and you can even design your character! Plenty of servers to play in and you can even talk to other people.

10.America's Army
A war based FPS game with highly detailed graphics and alot of FGF members play. Many different guns to choose from and great sound.

This cute little anime styled game has your character sitting in a somewhat tank and shooting other players! You can design maps and invite people to play with you!

You can make your character and talk with other users. You can have adventures together. Train to become a Magician or a Knight to attemp to become the best Tibia player around!

If you like blood and taking sides with the use of high-powered guns then this is the game for you! Pick a team and then pick a gun up and start blasting your way to a higher score. This game is a bit like Counter-Strike but better!
which one you have played, I played gunbound in 2 years and gunz in 6 month. Gunz pretty cool MMOFPS, you will be loved it Razz
Ive always enjoyed america's army. Though its a tad bit on the too realistic side at times. It can be especially obvious when theres a round with just one dude on the enemy team left alive and your waiting for him to die so the round will restart. Perma death is on so when you die your dead for the whole round. So it can drag out at times but you can watch your other players mill around. It probbaly wouldnt be something I would pay for but its pretty fun for free.
You're missing...

Kingdom Of Loathing
A PHP game that never takes itself seriously.

The first ever tactical MMORPG.

Dofus Arena
Take all the best parts about Dofus, even out character creation and combat, make better character designs, and make the entire game a PVP and toss in accouple more unmentioned things and what do you have? Probably the best Tactical Online Multiplayer Roleplaying Game. Maybe because it's the only one, but who cares? It's a hell of alot of fun to play, if not abit overwhelming at first.
Maple Story is more like boooooring story >_>
Game Fortress
Mapel Story curdles my blood, and I guess Runescape is alright. MMORPG's focus more on interactions with other (stupid) people wich means that either the gameplay, graphics or atmosphere suffer as a result.

I like neopets because they have so MANY games available, and they are pretty consistent. Its a good bet for kids and adults (if they are willing to fess up to playing such a site XD)
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