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Who is the world cup killer for his Team.


well in worldcup their are some hero and some villian for their team
so in your opinion who is the villian or killer of the FIFA worldCup
and who is the hero of the Team
if u post team wise that would be better
For this world cup, i would have to say hands down Zidane. He's been magical coming out of group play. France didnt do so well in group play because Zidane wasn't on his game. But come around to the round of 16 he started to get his guys going (granted he was pissed lol!). He's been carrying the french for the longest time and i hope to see him play well in the final match. I cant wait it's gonna be a thriller. Both teams are evenly matched but i think Zidane will make the difference.

As for the killer..... i would have to say Ballack. He was a great dissappointment. He didnt play well against the argentinian midfield and he played even worse against italy. You didnt even hear of his name almost the entire game. I was cheering for the germans but i think Ballack killed them. He's a world class player and he didnt show that at all against the italians. He played like he was 36, walking all over the field. Sorry i had to vent. I really wanted to see germany in the finals they are a great team to watch.
Well for me, the villian would be Wayne Rooney, he let his team down and left then with one man down, that made the England squad harder to win the game against the Portugal. He should by now learn to keep his anger under control.

For the hero, my choice will be Zidane, yup, he as help his team go to the final, i am shock at moment, after seeing them play 2 games in their group match i thought they would not make it past the group stage, but now they have reached the final, which really shocked me. This is all the efforts of one man and that is Zidane, he is the man who let the France to Final and i am sure he will be the one to lift the world cup.
Expect Wayne Rooney I think that Ronaldinho (not the killer) but defentlly wasn't what expect from him.
Villan : Zidane for his horrible gesture in the final

Hero: Buffon for being apsolutelly fantastic in goal for Italy and one of the main reason why they won the cup
Villan: ronaldinho. too much propaganda and little football
Hero: Ayala. the best defender i've seen. i think that putting wall would be easier for an attacker than he defending. pity he didn't reach the final. he would've been the golden ball undoubtely.
Rubbinio wrote:
Villan : Zidane for his horrible gesture in the final

Hero: Buffon for being apsolutelly fantastic in goal for Italy and one of the main reason why they won the cup

I totall agree with your view. Zidane's action was uncalled for. He had done head-butting in the past and those could have been a lesson for him. People have forgiven him from such brutal display of action which is not really matching with his status. Zidane made sure that the final results was something people are not happy with. He could play till the end and lose the match gracefully in penalty with no talk of head-butting. Well, FIFA may take back the player of the worlcup status from him. That's bad.

Buffon was the hero - how many goals he saved. It was a lot. Even on the Finals he saved two to three goals. And remember Italy conceded only two goals throughout the Worldcup apart from the penalty shootout.
my vote would go to ronaldinho and rooney(some extent) . had rooney stayed england would have had a much better chance.

but ronaldinho played worse that the ivory coast guys, it was the most shoddy display of soccer with no goals or assists or any breath taking shots.

It doesn't seem like the same guy who made barca the european club champions.
Well, I think soccer as a sport that is played by teams and individuals, there is no "killer" or "hero". Although one might argue that if not because of someone that the team could not have won/lost, soccer is after all played by 11 men, not just any one individual. I admit that sometimes people get frustrated when certain key players failed to stand up in the match which led to the lost of the game. But I feel like it is unfair to put all the responsibility upon just one player's shoulder while other teammates did not play particularly well in the same game either but did not get the same repsonses from the others.
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