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Building a server

Right i need some help on setting up a webserver/homenetworkserver/bittorent trcaker/print server/file server.

I have gentoolinux allredy installed :p

I just need to know a couple of things:

THe specs of this machine are as follows:

celeron 366 10GB raid 0 (??) 256 mb ram

Will this be quick enough to do all the things i need it to do ??

I will post of the rest as they come to me ...
Depends on the amount of traffic you have. However, it should be enough, I've heard of a guy who ran his site off of a 286 running @ 17Mhz...
It will work well when there is only low traffic. No more than 2000 hit per day to your webserver, no large file transfer, no more than 2000 bittorent trcaker download, for example.

Just run it, upgrade only when your user say he can't access your server often.
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This type of computer could be used as a Server.... with low traffic. I would only recommend using it for ONE of the server types you metioned, not all of them.

This is simply because a computer that slow can't multitask too awful well. There would be a lot of background processes running, and it would greatly decrease performance.

Your best bet would be to use this particular computer as a FileServer or PrintServer, and get something a wee bit better for your WebServer, Home Server, etc. It might also make a good BitTorrent Tracker (I assume torrents auto-adjust to your computer specs?) but I'm not certain.

For good deals on where you can get a better computer check out

Or you could just go to Staples.[/url]
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