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My Fav Author

My fav Author is my mom yes my mom. My mom has writen Three Books all of witch i read and loved.
Well i like the author of a series of unfortunate events(cant think of his name now brain fart) because you never know what is goign to happen next. And with his books closing them is not an answer. IF you clsoe em it makes u wonder all day what the ehck is going to ahppen next i wnat to know now so you cant wait. Thats why i like em. I liek myself too i write very good stories you can find the first three chapters of my cuurent story in the writers circle
Game Fortress
I really like Garth Nix, he consistently writes books that I enjoy. (most notabley Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen)
Erm i'm not a mod or nothing, but isn't there already an Official Favourite Author thread right HERE?
I like Michael Chrichton the most. He is really major league. His most famous Novel was Jurassic park. He then wrote the lost world. Both of them were super hits.
His writing style is really unique. He has the capability to read your thoughts. While readinf his books you get a feeling as if your are watching a movie with deep concentration. It is truly an amazing experience. What else can we accept from the great M. D from Harvard?

Long live Michael! God be with Michael!
I think Michael Chrichton is a good writer. It is certainly true that when you read his books you get the feeling you are seeing a movie. This may be because the book you are reading has been made into a movie. His has a few of those. I do enjoy his reading. You bring to light an important idea for a writer. Crichton seems to have stumbled on the recipe for getting a book turned into a movie.

I have always loved James Michener because he brings his characters so much to life. He really knows how to develop his characters well. I have always thought I would like to see some of his books made into movies. They did a TV one a few years back, Texas. It was kind of flat. It is hard to turn Michener's engorssing descriptions of people and the land they live on to life in rich dialogue. A worthy challenge of a sophisticated screen writer out there.

I have also alwasy liked W.E.B. Griffith who writes mainly military based novels. His knowledge of the military and its history is really profound. His books are filled with almost cartoonishly unbelievable characters. They are men who live charmed lives, stubling into success. I like him best because it is really just enjoyable. 100 years from now everyone who cared about him will be dead and so he will be forgotten. I don't see them making a movie, though it could be an interesting TV series--the life of Killer McCoy.
You know, there's already a sticky in this forum for favorite author. You might want to check it out Wink

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