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If anyone here is from JIPMER or is interested in JIPMER dont hesitate to post your thoughts here.

For those of you who don't know what JIPMER is it stands for Jawaharlal Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research It is situtated in Pondicherry, India.

I am starting my final year here.

If you want to know more about Jipmer please visit
Hey hey... Hows it going? Which batch are you in?

I hated my time there. The admin is the most incompetent in India. They drove me nuts over the simplest task that they had to go.

And the Hostel... man don't even ask me about the Hostel. Pondicherry is so backward in so many ways. And JIPMER, man, the profs are stuck in 1957 still. They need to lighten up and face the new world.

I hated to have to do Records. AIIMS and other great colleges do not burden their students with that useless homework. And the irony is that they took my record at exam time and refused to give it back. So what was the use of making it? If I had it now I could at least have used it as a reference.

My biggest surprise is that I had to learn Tamil to pass the course. No one even gave me a warning. And these guys don't know Hindi or English. Imagine my struggle learning a new language on top of the gruelling medical course.

But there is no denying that JIPMER is one of the best under-graduate medical schools in India. JIPMER has won that honour even ahead of AIIMS. The profs really care about the students. And I think only great doctors come out of JIPMER.
Hey I found this Blog in Blogspot. The guys says he is in JIPMER.

He has some really crazy posts going on. Worth checking out. Smile

JIPMER has also lauched a Medical Forum to discuss medical studies. The Forum is open for Free membership to all Medical students and graduates. There are topics open for all subjects in the Medicine course.

The place is still kicking off. More members will join in the future I guess...

You can go to the Forum here.
Hello Jipmerite .. So you mentioned about this forum I mean medical forum ..Do you think it's a god idea to have a section for patients. I mean I have seen lot of sites where patients write their history of presenting illness and stuff.. I think It ll be very helpful.. it has sections for like people with same or similar symptoms can post under one topic..I think it ll be helpful for medical students...
Hmm..yes that does sound useful for medical students. But I don't support the idea of actually giving medical advice over the internet. Each patient is different and the doctor should see the patient before treating.

Of course if the condition has already been diagnosed, the doctor can give recommendations or information on the possible modes of treatment. But strictly without giving specific drug names.

But in this case, the patients will have very less motivation to come online and discuss their symptoms; just for the benefit of the medical students. So a system would have to be made wherein the patients also get some benefit.

Perhaps the site can have a group therapy or suppot group like feature. Then the patients would have something to gain by discussing their ailment.
Hmmm ... Interesting . It would not be good to diagnose illnesses over the internet - there r so many minor symptoms which doctors will miss. It is anyway a good idea to start an online doctor collaboration service where doctors from around the world discuss various cases and how each patient responded to a particular treatment.

It is seen quite often that conflicting symptoms come a single disease in people of different races - so it will be quite useful for a doctor if he can refer the symptoms of the patient to a doctor who is experienced in people from that patient's region and also in that kind of symptoms.

Because the medical field is an ever changing, eveolving field, it is very essential to have an actively dynamic medium like the internet to support it along the path of progress.
Your mention of regional differences in Medicine reminded me of Tele-medicine. It is a rather new concept but it is good that it has penetrated into India as well.

I had a chance to go into one such centre in Chennai, in Apollo Hospital. All they had in that room was a Camera and seating. The doc can sit there and examine patients miles away via a camera set up at that end. And the patients and doctors there can see and listen to his dignosis and advice.

In foreign countries, even major surgeries have been done through the same system. It's a very exciting concept.

Plus it provides patients in remote places with specialist opinion.
Today is the fourth day of the grand spandan, I think the organising is much better then last time and we are doing great in Sports we have beaten CMC Vellore in basket ball and we are still in the tournament in Football.....and we won the title of best band in indian music...othewise we are b
not doing very well except the L&D which i dont know nuch about. So the excutive batch seems to be doing a great job and we are having a very lively environment in Lister Square....though many colleges didnt turn up........The best part i liked in culturals was western non-theme choreography till now esoecially the Patrecians like other times, did a good job and came as winner of the catogery.
I went to this years SPANDAN Website. It's been designed pretty well. Simple and functional. But I hate that the Results section is not being updated. Sure, the final results are there for some L&D events. But what about sports.

I think there would be Fotball, Basket Ball, Vollyball among others going on. So why aren't te results posted at the end of each day?

The students of participating colleges woulf surely like to know how they are faring. This is the age of the Internet. I think the website could be made very interesting, with photos of the daily events and news flashes and stuff.

I wish the organisers would put some thought into this.

Another thing that I hate is that every year the SPANDAN website is hosted at a different domain. Why can't the JIPMER Students Association buy a domain and have the website there every year. So everyone will know where it is, instead of searching for the new one.

The sites and stuff for each year can be out in the Archives section the next year.
So this years Spandan has effectively ended by the end of Junk yards (rock Show) amazing perofrmance..just few hours before....I dont have a detailed information regarding the results but here is it as much as i know of


KMC( Manglore) Winners
JIPMER Runners up

It was a close final match between JIPMER Vs KMC (Manglore), at the end of full time the score was 1-1, first half of the match was very dull both the teams were not able to create good chances, but at the very beginning of first half JIPMER team showed some good play, scoring the first goal during the first ten minute of second half, but KMC got a draw 1-1 by a free kick well taken...around the later part of second half..So it waas the score when the match ended and without extra time went for penalty shoot outs and final score was 1-1 (end of full time) and 6-5 ( end of shootouts)

Best player of the tournament was Vishnu (JIPMER)

Basket ball

Winners JIPMER
Runners up SDUMC

Close match, JIPMER won by a 3 points lead....


Winners JIPMER
Runners up AFMC (pune)

Best Player: Thiru (JIPMER)
Score 1-0

Volley Ball (Mens)

Winner: Mysore medical College
Runners up : JSSMC Mysore


Winner: JNC Banglore

Christ College won the cultural trophy as usual....It seems that this is the twelfth time they won this trophy in Spandan....

So So anybody reading these..ok whatever..So JIPMER staff I mean Safiwallas, Staff and so on except doctors and students have gone for strike since 8th september.......So a big premmiere hospital is totally shutdown and patients are facing lot of trouble....All these things started because of the central Governements decision to convert JIPMER in to an autonomous body just like AIIMS and PGIMER But some of the staffs here doesnt like the idea for reasons I dont fully understand, they claim that theyll loose some they refused to turn up for work despite warning from the director...Yesterday some 200 nurses gathered near Directors chamber and threatened the director.....So CM Rangasamy has given protection to JIPMER staff by posting several Pliceman and Policewoman in JIPMER campus....But today none of the " strikers" seem to be seen..I hear that they have gone for a Rally......they are calling Pondicherry to make september 26th a Bandh.....
Strike is still going strong. They say it will be an indefinite strike until JIPMER comes cancel's it's Autonomy.
This year Spandan was from August 28th to September 1st. It went on perfectly even though there was rain. The student executive anticipated rain and made a roofing for the main open stage and it did help.

The official website is - the theme being Live Evil

It was 5 days of enjoyment with Literary, Cultural and Sports events attended by colleges from all over India. Medical, Engineering, Arts, Law any college student could participate.
Hey guys please tell me about the facilities in jipmer hostel?
mobiles and laptops are allowed?
are we allowed to go out???

please tell me? Shocked
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