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"The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach"

Napoleon Bonapartes once said that the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach. It was said that his soldiers had the best alimentation a soldier could get in those days. where does a girls go through?
The way to a womans heart is thru her mind.
I dont know about other women, but what made me fall for my love was his inherant lack of coordination, his natural charm, his sense of humor, and his sense of chivalry...
w3Network wrote:
The way to a womans heart is thru her mind.

A woman is much harder to understand than a man.
There is researched on differences between the two sexes, the results is quite funny.
A man can’t do two things at the same time, wrong after my opening, they have a harder time completing more stuff at the same time. But don’t start having a conversation about which gender is better. I am only saying that the man is a much easier creature than the woman.
unless you're a glutton i dont believe this statement is generally true. Laughing
the way to a woman's heart is through your wallet!!! hahahah. just kidding. the way to a woman's heart is her heart. you have to please her in every way that you can, and then you will have her heart. men are easy. just feed us, and we're happy. its great.
Women are more complicated then men, it's a fact, even women don't understand themselves, women can't make decisions, women tend to fight for no reason, especially when there is another woman in the same room, women are incredibly competitive ....

Women are the most beautiful creatures god put on earth, women are the most sensible and caring persons, the sweetest mothers and the most sinmcere lovers, women can take care of you even if you're bad to them, women take u under there wings and want to help yuou go forward and be better .... women are the air I want to breathe...

Men are dumb, violent, egoistic, forget everything, uncoordinated, machos, tend to polygamy even if they swear they're in love, ere never happy with what they've got, brutal, don't know what counts, betray easily...

god was nice to us, not all men are like that, some are ... indescriptible ...

PS: I'm a man Very Happy
Code of Ruin
A woman is the opposite of a man. The stomach is to the left side of the left side of the body. To the right are the gall bladder and liver. (Yes I know it isn't exact but both are somewhere in the middle of the torso.) Therefore the way to a womans hart should somewhere through those two.
charisma and money help Smile as far as i see (not through my personal experience)
S3nd K3ys
The way to my heart is just a bit further south than my stomach. Wink

The way to (most) womans hearts typically starts at the toes or behind the knees, and works it's way up gradually.

Humor, Looks, Attitude, Money, Size etc are also important factors.
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