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Comments on my logo design

Sorry. File was removed......
I think the letter type and effects could be revised to better enhance the company name and particularly its legibility. The white background of the letters can be worked out. Also watch the height of the logo, that might be too high. Try to use more original drawings.

My opinions may be a little wrong because it all depends on the whole page or place where you put the logo. But my overall impression is that it doesn't stand out.

The company characteristics may give you additional ideas.

Also there are several books about logos that you can give a glance.
Looks good if it's for a place that sells things for babies. The color scheme seems very pleasing and soft.
Thanks for the opinions. I'll play around with the colours.

It's for a trading forum. People buy and sell things.
You might want to make the colors a bit stronger, and when you put it on your site make it a .jpeg instead to save load time.

Hope that helps.
Just to add to what everybody said, I suggest you minimize the logo a bit because its too big, somewhat annoying. Smile The color scheme is definitely good, but a the background were the "Free Bay" is located needs a little color. Add more graphics, maybe you can get inspiration from sites that offer the same service. The logo should entice the visitor. at once. Smile
In my opinion it's too big, as already said; it's too colorful, seems like a children commerce site; and the drawings are not good, they're too irregular. Try to do something more professional if you want to make a commerce site. If the logo looks too childish, I'm not going to trust the site...
I'm guessing that the irregular design of the letters is on purpose. I see that a few others also agree with my view that the logo would be good for asales portal for children.

The logo size can be changed at the time of insertion into the website. Right now it is better for it to be big so that we can see all the details for us to comment on it...

Do put up the updated design so we can add our thoughts.
this logo is slightly large, fine for a banner but what about something more graphical to represent the website, a smaller more concise design that would fit within a 2inch square or less.

I think that you would need to adjust the letters in order to shrink it down and pastel shades are considered a risky desing stratery and can be a mistake but as mentioned above depending on your market it could be exactly what you need.

If this is design 2 then you are doing well so keep going, there is plenty more room for drafts, I often will make double figures in drafts before I reach a final anything.
What logo? I clicked on the link and got nothing! Smile
Please let me know once you have it back up.
ck88 wrote:
What logo? I clicked on the link and got nothing! Smile
Please let me know once you have it back up.

Same problem here... Laughing
File removed... Logo no longer needed. Thanks anyway.
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