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Tamil Super Star RajiniKanth

Tamil Super Star RajiniKanth

you know Tamil Super star Rajinikanth became as Indian Super Star

his lastest film "Chandramughi" it is now running....

it is crossed 400 Days....

and his earning is a record in indian history.....

now he is started a new film "sivaji"

watch rajinikanth's movie and experience the trough.

you know he is now old but very bold.

discuss here about the rajinikanth's news ok guys...
I first saw RajniKanth is a Hindi movie. I think I was less than 10 years old then. The film had the Big B as well and prior to that I thought he was the greatest Hero in the world. After seeing the R-Kanth stunts in this movie I remember thinking 'wow, this guy is better than Amitab'. Smile

Now I just find his action hularious. I can't believe the Indian cinema goers are still crazy about him; even the younger generations. With high quality movies coming out of Bollywood and especially Hollywood, how can anyone enjoy seeing him thrashing a group of gangsters with nothing but his forefinger? It's ridiculous.

And isn't he too old to be playing these parts? He's another of the actors here who failed to make a transition from young age action to old age mature roles. The problem is that the audience still go to see him. It just shows the backward mentality of the movie goers.

I went to see Superman Returns recently and the people there started leaving even before the movie ended. As soon as they are sure there won't be any more action scenes or kissing scenes they get up and leave. And poor folks like me who want to see and appreciate the whole film can't enjoy it cos these guys are blocking the way.

Now I am sure some one is going to come in here and thrash me for saying that. But it is a fact that cannot be denied.
i am sorry to say this but rajnikanth really is bad. He movies makes no sense and his stunts are the most artificial ever in the history of the movies. I stayed in south india for quite some time and i just couldnt believe how the people down there are bonkers about him. Infact in southindia he is considered almost god-like. It amazes me but i would never go and watch another film of his.
If you really want to read some funny things about him, check out this Blog
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