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france italy

france or italy?
 59%  [ 16 ]
 40%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 27

who will you support on sunday?? (obiously in case you're neither french nor italian).... i'd really like france winning the cup... italy's 90th minute penalty against australia is something that can't be forbidden... totaly unfair... anyway, i supported italy against germany, i'm glad those people lost at their home (sory germans, it's not something against you.. is against the business the fifa makes).
focusing on france: they were really weak in the first round, almost being eliminated against no good rivals... it seemed as if they wouldn't reach far... but then they won against spain and then again against brazil in an extraordinary match!!!! zidane showed he is still young at 36... and then came portugal, a tied match... what do you think?
Counting down the seconds until this thread is closed. Doesn't anyone read the forums before posting....? Rolling Eyes
HDirtwater wrote:
Counting down the seconds until this thread is closed. Doesn't anyone read the forums before posting....? Rolling Eyes

lol i agree. i made a similar mistake and they shut that down (prob because i was bashing the germany team (well moslty ballack) ).
go france!! i've had money on u since the beginnign of the world cup finals
After last nights match France didnt seem anything special. So Ive got to go for Italy. I only hope that both teams stop the diving and get on with giving us good entertainment football from highly skilled players.

If I wanted to watch diving I'd go down to my local scuba school!
I'm a portuguese who saw yesterday France beat Portugal but who saw a slow and defensive French team. Portugal didn't win because of the lack of a good scorer and the inexistence of a better organized game. Pauleta and Postiga just helped France. The only very good player on this game was Ronaldo who took chances with the ball and who was successfull in some of them. French players just knew that the real danger was Ronaldo and managed well to not let him free. Deco didn't play well. Players were exhausted with the latest games.

France will have a much tougher oponent, Italy who was much better than Germany. It's true that it was 0-0 after 90 minutes but the italian side controlled the game and had good opportunities. The players have technique and pass the ball with great ease.

French players are bad in this way. It's more a physical football and 2 talented players: Zidane and Henry.

Italy has a much better football. And they defend well as well.

The score: Italy- 2 France- 0

One thing I didn't like yesterday. Ronaldo was vowed by many french. Where's this thing called respect? Football has some dark aspects and one is the people who don't respect the players.
The best player was vowed for being the one who can make the difference. These french gave a bad image of their country.
I agree with 710ths. There were some diving lessons yesterday. Real football only existed when Ronaldo took the ball and at the last minutes of the first half.
Postiga seems to be a good diver. Henry dived well for the penalty.
I think FIFA can give medals for the best divers. Something like the worst movies trophy.
I'm supporting France. I don't think Henry dived for the penalty the defender held out his food while Henry was running.
Well... I think that Italy plays better.. and she can win France and vengeance on the ginal from the Euro 2000.
It's a difficult choice. Normally I would prefer France to win just because I have some good French friends. I haven't any friends who are Italian. But seeing the way they play in the semi-final against Germany... Wo.. What a game! Both team are trying to win the game, and started right from the first minute till the last of 120 minutes. I haven't seen a game with so much attacking play for a while now. They played with passion and heart. Whoever won that match thoroughly deserved to be in the final, and possibly the World Cup!

However having said all that, seeing Zinedine Zidane play is already worth me supporting France. What a great player! Such a pleasure to watch.. I remember Terry Venable's comments in one of the France games (I think it was the quarter final's game). He said it was like you can hear the orchestra music starts playing when Zidane touch the ball, and the music stops as soon as the ball left his foot. What a quote.. Smile

Ye, I think he deserves the World Cup for his retirement. I want to support him to win the cup as a way to thank him for entertaining me for all this time. We will greatly miss him..
Italy may win this final, cuz I bet for Italy. They have more speed player here, Iaquinta for example, he awesome. I know france have Zidane and Henry, but italian defense this year are great too. This is ideal final, I hope italy can have their revenge on WC 98. Forza Italiano.
France will win the worldcup for sure. They are in their top condition,but Italy, for me they used to play better. That's why I think Italy may be not be able to do well in the field on this Sunday.
Italy didn't deserve to beat Germany or Australia so I'm going for France.
Italy doesnt really won because of goals but only with their match against Germany, but they showed a great defense from their previous matches. I think France will win this match, they have the advantage in experience and their goalkeeper had made a good defense too. i go for france.
France is a winner Worl Cup 2006 Very Happy Italy player is a good, but France - Ziziou!

My score: Italy- 1 France- 2
My bets are on France winning during penalty shoot outs. But who knows, Italy might get a really late goal that could win them the cup. Italy has scored late goals in the past 2 games with Australia and Germany. They might do it again.
Henry dived well for the penalty. Of course it was a penalty because Ricardo Carvalho made a mistake. As Ricardo fell into the ground, Henry moved quickly to stumble in his foot. It was a clever move from Henry. And France won the game.

This won't happen with Italy I think, because they have got a better organized team.
France and Italy's final match will be 50-50 for both sides..but i'm sure Zidane will want to win his last World Cup..after all, when Zidane starts to perform, France is moving..While for Italy, they will haf to play their best game in this World Cup to claim their title of world champion..whatever the outcome is, World Cup 2006 is "A Time To Make Friends" Smile
I think the 2006 World Cup Winner will be France, after watching them play against brazil and portugal, i believe that France will take this year's world cup, even though Italy are equally good and it will be tough for both of them to score, i think France have a luck in this world cup and will win it anyway, most probably the score will be France 1 : 0 Italy.........
well , this final isnt reay the one i was expecting to watch , but i think that if germany (one of the teams which deserved to be in the final . as they were playing absolutly amazing) was defeated 4 italy, they deserve a good end up.
This is the last chance for Zidane to dance his football in the world cup stage.
He's not going to hold any thing back and I think he's really going for the cup.
Though football is not played by an individual but a whole team, so team work is definitely the key to win this match. I'll go for France today.
What a game huh? The Italian's curse for losing at penalties has been broken. I still don't think penalty shoot out should decide the winner of the world cup. I guess there's no other way. Congrats to the Italians.
for me, who wins the game is none of my interest.

but it is pity to see Zidane leave his career not with a World Cup, but with a red card.

he is a genious, and genious always cannot be understood by others, which is just shown again by this final red card.

in memory of the great player and geak.
and i think this final game was not as great as everyone has expected.

the referee acts as strictly, but not as correctly as possible, which destroy the whole atmosphere of the game.

the players are always waiting for some judgements, which as to their experience are surely to come about. then the game was ruined.

i hope FIFA could revise the regulation as soon as possible, to asign more referees on the field and make new rule to encourage offensive play.
crap! italy won....

i was hoping for france Confused
It was france all the way for me.
But yesterday wasn't meant to be.
well I guess that just some people don't understand that football and especially in such a tournament as the world cup is a game of strategies, try to have them explian to you why trezeguet sits on the bench ...
Hey people, Italy or France, what you are talkibg about are extremely great temas, their players have tremendous experience and understanding of the game and its strategies. France can just come on in the second half and attack like lions making the italians who everybody thought were the greatest againt Germany look like a desperately defensive team trying to stpo zidane.....
The french played defensive because they're so great that they are good everywhere and their strategies are not defined by their abilities their players can do almost anything ... if they wann shut down brazil they're gonna do it, if they wanna attck Italy like crazy they're gfonna do it, and they did it! the italians keot running everywhere, even if they're the best in the business, just luck enabled them not to have a goal scored against them in the seocnd half and additional periods ....
but they won on penalties ... that's sad, but it's football and so iis life, I just wann know what this ***** Materrazzi told Zidane that made him so crazy, if he was still tere in the last 10 minutes, I'm sure they would have finally got their goal....
anyways, cngratulations Italy, even if they didn't deserve it, at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was another defensive game with both teams not taking chances. French players searched a little more for the goal but I guess we are in an era of diving lessons. The players claim handball playing or other referee mistakes... but the repetitions on the TV show they were many times wrong. Some theatre and diving lessons are here to stay...

The players are expecting some foul to imediately fall to the ground. Then we have a penalty and a win.
But Italy did a good response and tied the game. Then the game went boring again.
France needs a new Zidane or their football will become just physical with no quality at all.
As for Italy, new talented players are emerging and there's quality in their team. They didn't play that well as an attacking squad but they have got potencial. Thuram saved some good tries from italian players.
Even though Italy won... France is the true winner in my heart!!! And Zidane went out with a bang when he head butted the Italian player. Wicked!
Its hard to say who played well i think the deciding thing is the final score. Zidanes headbutt had to some extent faded the Italys celebration. Its good that FIFA didnt take away the trophy because I think he deserved it..Because it was his spirit which took France so far I think people belive that.
I thought that even though france didn't play better in the Final, they did play alot better than Italy throughout the whole world cup - they deserved it more
Dude, France almost got knocked out before the round of 16.

How in the hell could they have played better than Italy through the whole tournament, when they almost got eliminated after three games???
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