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What do you say to blogging?

Can human make money from blogging? Smile
S3nd K3ys
Romik wrote:
Can human make money from blogging? Smile

Every bit as much as ants can, if not more. Cool
Romik wrote:
Can human make money from blogging? Smile

Romik I think I can shed some light that and the answer is definately!

Arrow With the amout of content out there on the web it's hard to find all the cool stuff, so, if you have one person with a given set of interests you can assume he'll put up some stuff hat will be of interest for people with the same interest and now with the new content reading ads by google that show products and services relating to the page content it can be, albeit slightly, profitable.

Idea I think it all depends on how much effort you put into it and how easy you're blog is to find.
it's possible.
but not my opinion.

i think blog just another form daily, but public, not private.
i think blog just another form daily, but public, not private.

Video blog it!

It depends, if a lot of people find your content interesting to read on a daily basis, then why not?

As long as you are ad-supported, you should be fine. As well, donations from your readers or even subscriptions can add to your revenue.

The main problem lies in is not how to get money, but how you are going to attract traffic to your site and invoke repeat visitors. Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, and like in any competitive business model, its how you are going to be unique from them or what you offer that will attract the people to come to your blog. ^_^
i dont really know how you would go about making money from blogging unless you are selling something in some sort of way or fashion with your blog.... otherwise i woulkd try to actually get a job or something.
Personally, I don't care much for blogging myself, but in theory you could make money for insightful and useful blogs. When but when it comes to using the internet, there are so many more interesting ways to make money, ex: a tutorial website or something of similar nature.
Personaly as a couple have said, I am sure you could make money from it, I know my visitors dont care much for blogs. I have made more from my forum then I ever did with a blog system.
i dont have time for bloging Sad
it all depends on your topic and interest.
and definitely you can make money from blogging by writing some useful articles.
Sure you can make money with a blog. A basic rule of web marketing, any page with good content (in a blog, forum, site, ...etc) can sell and make money for you. If you wish to use blogs, try Yahoo 360. The reason I recomend it is free, easy to use, connected to the whole network of yahoo... in other words very easy to advertise and spread over the web through Yahoo users. Also consider starting a Yahoo group too besides your 360 sure it will help.

Good luck
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