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My New Maple Story Sig

SEE NEW ONES HERE (Actually you can just scroll down...)
Oh my god, that is sooo absolutely CUTE! While I've never played the game, Maple Story, (this, really, is due to the fact that I don't play games much) I've heard a bit about it from my friends. Not that that counts for anything but... er, okay, speaking as a critique/reviewer (and perhaps from a(n) (novice) designer's point-of-view), I totally love it. The dominance hierarchy would be the large text in red. I think that's good because it really contrasts with the background. You would definitely know, first and foremost, and -- bam! Yep, that's your guild. I like the fact that not only did you have the text, "~SKORCH~" but also "~the Guild~" under it as well -- almost as a mini explanation.

Next I'd like to comment on the background. The most I like it about it in the design is that it's not consistent. Though consistency can be good, it can also make a piece of work look plain. Looking at the background not covered by either the text or the characters, for instance, you can almost see a comparison between the left and the right. And the characters, of course, are, once again, completely, adorably, cute. Utterly so. *grin*

Now, for easy identification -- and because I do not know the name of the characters... I will say number each character from left to right -- the farthest left being #01 and, hence, the farthest right being #09. #01, 08, and 09, are ones that stand out the most; a good contrast to the background. #05, 06, and 07 are the next ones that catches my attention; not as eye-catching as the first three but they have a contrast as well. But the last three (#02, 03, and 04), I might a bit concerned about. Since their hair colors and clothings are green (no matter that it's a different shade), similar to that of the background, they tend to blend in a wee bit more with the background, which, I think in this case might not be as intended. No, it's not as if I would miss seeing those characters altogether, but I think it messes with the flow and compostion of the rest of the piece of work.

But, all in all, however, I think this is a good sig. I still really do like it a lot. It'd a good design, the characters are clear and not pixelated and the purpose of the sig -- which I'm assuming is to advertise or to easily make known or identify your guild -- is achieved. Well done. I love it. *smile*

-- scryoko

P.S. Did I mention it's uber CUTE??! *grin*
The characters and text look great! I'd recomment a more muted background, though. The current background is so dark that it takes away from the characters. Smile
Nice, the text and the bg perfectly fit to the characters
Check the first post and the second post's post time...LMAO

Anyways I removed it...because I got kicked out of the ah well.

But then I got bored and made these:

The first one is a tween between the 2nd and 3rd one...any opinions?

Btw: Ty for the positive and [emphasis]constructive[/emphasis] comments. And note: Those characters (in the old guild siggy) were not altered...they are straight copied from the game. So I had no control over the clothing and eye and hair colors...=P
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