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Ha! I love drawing very much, draw people, man, women, cartoons..... bla bla bla...... however i dun know how to use color... all my drawing were in black and white Twisted Evil
I used to draw a lot a long time ago, everyone told me I could do it very well. For some reason I didn't enjoy drawing anymore though, maybe because I wasn't happy with my personal drawing style. I was terrible at drawing feet and hands too haha.

Sometimes I try to draw an anime character, but only when I'm super bored.
People that have seen my drawings say that they are nice and that I know how to draw. But I just want them to say what’s bad about them also, not just that they are really good. I know that I have faults.

I know that it is hard drawing with colours, and I have come up with a technique that I use. Whenever I want to color my pictures I always start with adding just a little color, and adding more and more later on. That helps me a lot. And I don’t use the tip of the pencils when I am adding color. Another thing is that you have to know which colors you want before you start colorizing them, it is a lot harder to get rid of them than a ordinary pencil.
It must be nice to be able to draw.
I am useless, everything I've tried comes out like a babies scribble!
I love to draw too, I usually draw when I'm bored or just for wasting time. But I think I need to practice more because my friend have a better drawing skill than mine.
my cousin is an artist she goes to school in florida and ive got a friend with a 6 year old brother who draws better than i do.
I've been a casual drawer for several years now and just recently got started up in it again...and I agree with imera, it is harder to draw with colours.
My bf draws. He draws well. He always asks me for my opinion on his drawings and I don't want to give any opinion. Anything I can do about this? I mean, you guys draw... you should know what someone could say so you wouldn't ask their opinion but wouldn't think your art sucks... like I said, he's good.. but I don't want to constantly have to reassure him of this.

I can't even draw a circle... with a compass/protractor.
I like to draw but find that unless I have time to draw things properly, my drawings look terrible.
I love drawing, and it already turned into some kind of addiction to me. I draw almost every time I am free unless I don't have paper or pencils xD

I also used to draw lots on the lessons in mt textbooks and copybooks, and teachers were not so happy to see my sketches there... at least some of them xD On the contrary, some liked my drawings and were not against them being just everywhere Razz
I doodle in class all the time. My best drawings happen when I should be listening to what's going on. But I just can't stop doing it. Too much fun.
The usual math class stuff...
Everybody who I ask to rate my drawings and say what is wrong say ' they're great, I love them!' But when I aks and ask and ask they can say only one ' head is too big, a some' .. but
I" usually draw 'anime-like' peple=] so it's a some... well... stupid? Idon't know why people can't see the difference.
My friend is great at drawing cartoons and animations of people. He has made some really good cartoons of people we know. He even helped make an animation for a movie made in South Africa, called Crazy Monkey, and has done some tv commericals.

You can see some of his work at
I love to draw too! But I am not very good so I usually stop after a while. You can see my writings and some of my drawings/sketches at I draw in a sort of cartoon/anime/realistic/abstract hybrid style of my own. It's kind of weird.....if you've ever seen the show 'Home Movies' well I draw lips like they do....because I always thought it was a funny(easy) way of drawing lips. I doodle everywhere during boring's quite funny to see my Math book especially...mostly drawings instead of notes.
hlavco wrote:
I doodle in class all the time. My best drawings happen when I should be listening to what's going on. But I just can't stop doing it. Too much fun.
The usual math class stuff...

Your doodles are very cute and very good! It looks like you don't make a lot of mistakes, I am jealous.
i love to draw and i used to draw alot. although i rarely find the time to draw anymore. My main drawing style is black and white pen line drawings done with a biro.
i do a lot of doodling, though sometimes i'll actually sit down and try to do a real work... i prefer doing animals - horses, mostly, though i've tried doing my cat lately lol - but i like doing realistic portrait-type work in pencil, pen, or a wierd chalk painting technique that i pretty safely assume is unique to me Wink

anyways... this is one of the works that i've done. this isn't any particular horse, i just took a bunch of pictures off the internet that best fit the pose that i wanted and used all of them in doing this one picture. the face looks very much like the face that i used for the drawing, so if you happen to recognize him, sorry!!! Embarassed but he's done in my chalk painting technique, and his spots were done by erasing the color back out with one of those nifty gooey erasers Wink

umm... the head's kinda small and the back's kinda short, but those are flaws in most of my works *le sigh*
Knowing very little about horse anatomy and not noticing those flaws, I gotta say that drawing is very, very good. I can't do realistic, only cartoony. *glances at avatar*
I like to use a lot of colors Razz And nearly every time i draw something really strange.. Confused
I love drawing too,but i am not good at drawing.
I like doing anime, I think is fun, yuo can watch my cartoon at youtube by writting "methamortey", we did it just 2 guys. Yeah, drawing is cool, because you can invent whatever you want in it.

I draw manga and anime, but i want to learn watercolor to do the backdrops of the cartoons!
I wish i could draw! lol .. I like drawing now n then. When i;m not doing something wiv a website lol. Which reminds me my site is brocken. Dangit.

I can colour in lol, I hav a good eye for colour. But i cant draw the actual lines :p

I like drawing veru much, especically when I was three to ten years old.
I have drawn many things when I was young, like cars, man, pets, etc.
I studied fine arts in university. To answer the original post in this forum, i find the best way to add color to an image is to start with something basic, like coloured pencils so that you can get used to using colors. For a beginner, separate your warm and cool colors and try to figure out what kind of feeling you want your image to emit to the veiwer, even do the outline first, then fill in the rest as you go. If you feel that you are beyond this basic level, try experimenting with water colors. I found that when i first started, that was a very easy medium to play with. You never know, an experiment might turn into a masterpiece.
i love to sketch. juz like most peeps in this topic, i sketch during classes or during boring stuff (which may also mean my classes Surprised ).
i sketch until my chem journal became filled with it. so i sketched on my other stuff like my notepads and on books i hate that are not about chemistry. i become happy when i see that my pen or pencil run out due to sketching. but i never use color in my work since i dunno what to do with it.

my subjects for sketching are =>
my colleages, pets, rooms, and gadgets

and yeah i also try anime when i am with my sis...
I like drawing, was kinda above average and never good. Now I'm checking out all those drawing books and getting familiar with the human anatomy to get my proportions right. Hopefully, with more practise my drawings will look proportianally right so I can concentrate on style and colour Wink

Here's a thing i didn't know about drawing before, it's very closely linked to science (shading and proportians ie, u really need to know the anatomy of a subject to be able to draw it)

Plus I heard a drawing dude said that when you write, that's a form of drawing u mastered - so in a sense, anyone can draw, takes practise and learning Wink
It's true that anyone can draw. Art is more about observation than it is about moving a pencil or paintbrush across a paper. As long as you can see exactly how an object curves and how light hits it, etc, you'll be able to draw it. So, with that being said, I love drawing and painting; I've been practicing art since I was very young.
I agree completely! It just takes some dedication in my opinion.
Coming from a comic bookart background when I was younger I had alot of stylistic hurdles to overcome when I sought to develop a more realistic, traditional style. The key for me was drawing from life constantly.
I truly believe that your ability improves in direct proportion to the sheer quantity of completed work you produce. Eventually you reach a new level of competence where something just clicks in your head and problems you had before you now solve easily. Then it's time to strive for the next level.
The journey never really ends.

Why not upload some of your drawings?I think that black and white picture is the most amazing ones.Color covers the eyes of poeple and makes them can not tell good and bad things.
i like to drawn stick figure worlds on the back of papers i dont do in school....whole scenes with anything i think of..ill scan one when i find one.
thats vey good Razz
drawing is wonderfull and not easy for everybody. when i was young, drawed a lot.... and now i have no more time.

(i try to speak in english i'm french....)
i like drwaing patterns, any kinds of patterns.
Especially when I was on the phone.
I love to draw. It's actually what started me out in my current degree: Multimedia/Game Design. I mainly do anime/manga. Some fan art but mostly my own stuff. My site has alot of my artwork on it though most of it's older.

I use photoshop to color most of my works (in fact, all of them on my sight i believe) It's good to know how to color, but if your style is black & white. Then focus on that if you want to get serious.

As far as coloring tips by hand, use nice even strokes, filling up one section at a time. Make sure all the strokes are going the same way unless ur going for that different effect. When I use to color my stuff way back when, I used a brown for skin tones, and just used it very lightly, then pressed a bit harder for shadows or used black lightly.

There are tons of ways to color your own work, the main thing is find which way works for you, then use it.

I'd love to see some of your stuff when you color it to see how it looks.
I used to draw a lot as a child but grew out of it. Nowadays I do some art, but very sparingly.
yay.. black and white drawing is fun(my sense of colour is rather nonexistent)
.mostly i do stuff anime-style, but im trying to get out of that and do something that's my own.
has anybody here ever used those computer drawing pads? i was looking at getting one for a while but then realized i'd be putting down at least $50 for a used wacom (which is what came as the most recommended). i really want to get one eventually tho...
I have always wanted to buy a tablet, but they are quite expensive for me, and another problem for me is old computer - might have to buy a new one to be able to work with a tablet without freezing anything xD
But I don't think a tablet is anything really necessary and important for me. I have pretty much skill working in traditional media, and almost feel content with what I currently have. Anyway, trying out a tablet would be a good experience, and you're better to know BOTH traditional and digital art techniques.

Someone lease me a powerful computer and a tablet please? Laughing
i might have to get one eventually. i was flipping through a book about illustrating through computer media (i.e. photoshop) and it pretty much said it was necessary. and since a mouse isn't pressure sensitive, you do only get the tip of the iceberg when it comes to photoshop's drawing abilities.

annush, you'll have to get a new(er) computer Smile you can get a decent one for like $500 (and if you work, that's easy enough to save up for). or just get the base/computer tower/whatever you call the real computery part and use the money you'd be saving from not buying the other crap to get the drawing tablet Smile since apparently you already have a monitor and keyboard.... just assuming here... lol
Black and white ARE colors. The process of expanding your color selection is a personal decision.
ultras0ound wrote:
Ha! I love drawing very much, draw people, man, women, cartoons..... bla bla bla...... however i dun know how to use color... all my drawing were in black and white Twisted Evil

i also tried to do some drawings as part of my hobby... but lately when i became busy i never get

through to try to again... my imaginations of colors and pictures in my mind made a good output

every time i try to draw... i love the rainbow colors... Laughing
I like good drawings, paintings and artwork in general. Artwork can really express beauty. The only problem I have with art is that I am very poor at drawing. My older brother is an artist a very good one too.
I love to draw, either it's b/w or colours, I must admit that it's easier to draw with colours on the pc, I have problems smudging the colours perfectly on paper, but I'm trying.
And people don't have to be really good to be known, there is one guy that draws simple shadeless figures, that looks like the cousin of the stick man, he has actually become well know.
Drawing for me is surprisingly enjoyable, once I ignore the criticisms of others and just get into it.
digital paint is a nice choise for you,youtube you can find a nice tutorials.
digital paint is a nice choise,tipe in google ( CG ARENA ),this site have a nice digital paint tutorials free.
I drew a lot when I was younger (late teens / early twenties).....I found it very therapeutic, especially late at night, when everyone had gone to bed & I could clear my mind & concentrate.
I doubt I'd ever get the time these days, and late nights now I just struggle to much to stay awake.
wellerchap wrote:
late nights now I just struggle to much to stay awake.
Me too. I find that work really zaps one's creative energy. I used to like to play the piano in the same way, i.e. it always used to be relaxing. But find myself zonked out after work and just can't get to the point of actually buying a piano again. Smile
Ah least the neighbours'll be pleased Very Happy
I've always been absolutely rubbish at drawing! Embarassed
My people always looked like 2D cartoons, I simply could never get shading right, and it frustrated me so much that I dropped art as a subject in school at the earliest opportunity.

When I see some of the amazing drawings my friends seem to so easily produce I have to admit I feel a touch of jealousy!
watersoul wrote:
My people always looked like 2D cartoons

Drawing persons is one of the hardest things. I'm quite a good drawer to be honest, I did 5 years of art school and it has taught me one thing: practice is everything... When I was 11 years old, I quit art school and I didn't draw for more than a year! * Now I only draw things that I see during lessons (like pencils, the room, the professor,...) or sometimes I draw websites to make my head clear and to have a proper idea of what the website could look like, it's much easier to quickly change some things on paper than to change them on a computer. Smile

* Oh yeah sorry I lost track of what I was going to say, well when I was 11 years old, I could draw much better and much quicker than now (age 1Cool...

I like drawing. In school time i always draw some figures but now in colleges no time to draw any types of picture or any something.
I wanna do some flattering. When I was in school I drew the map of Africa with sea shells. It was perfect. After my sis yelled at me, the conc never returned. I have occasionally wanted to use the brain in drawing. It now appears drawing uses less cognitive load than daydreaming. Wondered why you dont hear your mom shouting when you daydream? I plan to take this up everyday night to sharpen my artistic intelli and relax in a way
ultras0ound wrote:
Ha! I love drawing very much, draw people, man, women, cartoons..... bla bla bla...... however i dun know how to use color... all my drawing were in black and white Twisted Evil

im not a big fan of it
newerahacks wrote:

im not a big fan of it

Cos it didnt do a good job. No lessons learnt? Or a good enough job. It defn can be approved to draw.
i love to draw
i prefer to use black crayon to draw
it gives it a artistic feel
I love to draw! and I think I'm at leat good in it! I do architecture things, draw architecture stuff. But when we draw a house (for example) we must draw a person (to see the scale) and threes. I color ALL my draws, I think it maked the draw seems more real, but I like on p&b too, but only the ones that are made who knows how to do it
I love all art! I paint too!! I luv oil painting!![/url]
I used to draw A LOT when I was little up into my teens. I drew everything from scenic plains, characters in popular culture, and even fictional locations (i.e. Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings). It was such a close hobby of mine years ago that I thought I would become an artist when I grew up.
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