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Superman Returns

Ray Gravin
I was just wondering what some of my fellow frihost members thought about this movie. I mean even if you haven't seen It Im sure you have some kind of opinion. I know I was uncomfortable with them messing with this classic title. I saw it and I must say it wasn't "horrible" but I don't know.
I saw it with a date just this weekend. Fantastic movie and im really hard on hollywood flicks.

humerous, romantic and tons of action. A real movie you can bring the kids too if you want. Really great stuff. Supermand RETURNS!! indeed.

Highly recommened.
8/10 (two points off cause it was pretty predictable.)
I live in Pondicherry, India and sad to say the geniuses here do not get the idea of showing English movies in English. So sadly I had to see it dubbed in Tamil of which I understand only a few words.

The action was good. Especially the space-shuttle scene. I cannot comment on the story as I understood very little. Had to read about it online to get most of the story. I won't write about it here so as not to spoil the plot for anyone who has not seen the movie.

I'd say this is a must see movie.
I thought it was really good. I was actually sorta hesitant to go out and see it (just never was really into Superman) but I did end up liking it quite a bit. The CGI and special effects weren't tacky at all as I feared they might end up being, and the rendered backgrounds and such were beautiful and seamless. The story was great, and the acting was really good too--all in all a must see, even for those who might be hesitant to go watch it. Smile
Great movie and if you have seen the first 2 movies it really looks like a follow up, but not with bad stuff in it. story was good. Also found the jokes at some points verry good. (see piano incident)
(see piano incident)

IF you mean the scene with the kid playing the piano on the boat, then I don't think it is supposed to be a joke. That insident is a major turning point in the kid's story. It reveals the truth behind the boy.
I saw it and liked most of it, but then I got to the end and couldn't watch it anymore. There was this horrible screaming in my head that wouldn't stop. Then I opened my eyes and saw a God-Damn baby infront of me screaming its head off. The damn mother wouldn't take it outside, so I missed the end of the movie, because I was so distracted.
Personally the movie is an insult to the superman legacy. It was just another 1 of those overrated movies with mind blowing visual effects and thats all.

There is no flow in the script, the ending was a disaster. Is that all superman is capable off, lifting a piece of land into space.. i mean i expected alot more, not a incomplete ending that was covered up with good graphics. Oh and i can't believe that his son has asthma.. gosh , the only comic-based movie that really rocks is spider-man, good actors that fit the comic characters, natural flow in the story, and amazing visual effects.

I recommed smallville, the first 2 seasons at the very least were amazing, very well done. Roswell high is another good series. Oh well good movies are hard to come by.

ps : Check out "thank you for smoking", hilarious and down to earth.
i hear it,but still not see the film.may be it will better than the before one
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