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Spam explosion - is there anything I can do?

The web site I manage has a general email address, and now we are getting bombarded with spam. Literally hundreds of spam mails a day. The account is web-based - squirrelmail from the web host. I don't see that it has any spam filter settings, but I don't know that much about squirrelmail.

I'd appreciate any general advice for preventing this from happening again, too.
Use Spam Assassin in the DirectAdmin Email Menu. Set it up for the emails you want to spam protect.
Thanks! The problem wasn't on a FriHost site, but your reply gave me a good hint about where to look! I now have spam filter turned on.

*great sigh of relief*
There are several ways to avoid getting tons of spam.

Here are some that I practice that keep my spam to a very low minimum.

1) I have three seperate email addresses. One I use to sign up to things that I think there may be a spam possiblity. One that i use to communicate with friends and family and One i use for important emails, signing up for services that I want to make sure that I dont miss.

I find that this way I get the most spam to emial address one, least to email address two and only a little to email address three which makes it easy for me not to miss important emails.

2) A fantastic way to avoid spam if you own aweb business and have your email online is to make the email address a picture instead of a actual link. There are sevral spam bots the search the web for email address to add to the spam databases. Avoid being added by using an image.

3) Also you can look into getting a better ISP. At a business I used to work for we changed ISP's for another seperate reason, we found that the huge spam problem dissapeared with our NEW ISP that had a really great anti-spam program in place. The Difference was like night and day and people actually thought the emails were set up incorrectly but they actually did get all the emails from customers, just the spam was missing.
Unfortunately this is our main site address. While it's not my personal address, I still have to check this one a lot.

The good news is that I did find the junk filter and it seems to be working very well. Thank goodness! I couldn't believe that deluge we were getting. It was like every spammer in the universe was targeting us all at once!
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