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[Work]Unreal Tournament modification - Brother of Honor

I'm the Leader of this Modificationm and I am Elias Ringhauge

The Co Leader is Richard, he is alot familair with unreal, but it's some time ago that he have made maps, he have been working for

Main site: the site is not completely done yet,but some is made

Our idea is to create a WW2 Modification, but, this shall be as real as we possible can make it, so you get some expirience of how the war actually was.
ex: if you are 2 with the mg and 2 to a rocket, it can be reloaded faster
the rocket man got his pack of rockets, a mate can grap one, and quick reload the rocket, so he dont have to shoulder off, then take the rocket, and reload, before he again can shoulder.

our idea is a singel player, and a multiplayer.

the teams is , German(as you will see most) Russian, Great Britan, America, and Japan.
(we guess)
America and the Japan will be the most hard part to make, that's why this will be the last part as we will try to get that up.

in the singel player will we look on some higlights of the war, like the russian sniper basilli, stuff from other movies. ex a flame thrower will be included.
and other films as is made on stuff from the war

in the multiplayer, will we specially look on the realistim of the war, team play, suggestions, ranks fx captain can direct people, while privates shoots and say yes sir, lol

models will be made from info that we got on real guns, and pictures of it.

we got one makeing our intro sound

and some other guys working.

This is only the start, people can go to work/school and make this , because we are not rushing with the modification, it don't got a time limmit.

to them as want to help, we got a list of video tutorials, and they are good to understand, however, you can only give it directly to your firends, but i wont recommand it, without you are sure in this,
no upload to any server / forum, not the list, not the files. not in folders for shareing app
if you agree on this, then are you welcome to use the tutorials.

learn alot of unreal script in 2 hours and 20 min, they say its like c++ and java, how ever i havent worked with it so i cant tell, but the scripting is easy, and fast for something like, weapon, and cars, they made a car from scratch, that was not a big problem.
(however, we dont know if they will change to c++ or they will keep going on with unreal script, before the release)

but the toturial is really great, and they will probetly get updated.

if you got any questions, please write to
or try the irc, where i will be on now and then
irc is supported by, Viper, the 2 stupid bots tiinka and i0z, and im Eliasr


Current Media:


the first model as we are working on :


A model as Richard have made

sounds cool, wish ya good luck
Good luck, I'd like to join your team but I have not worked with UT2004 for a few years. I was part of tho.

Good luck anyway.
you are welcome to sign up, it just remind me abouyt that i will have to change the php file, that is verry soon done--- 1 minute-- - done
Good luck friends,wonderful project,really Wink
Thanks, but we could really need some to help us.

c++ , java people, they can easyly learn unreal scripting (java is the mostly common in it)

level desing is also a thing as you can learn from the beginning, if you are familair with 3dmaxstudio, we might could use your help, since we can import from that, to static meshes and make models.

people as think that the level design is like in cs, think again, but if you have made projects for that (like me) then do you allreaddy got the brain to could make level design, as we got toturial for

if you think you can help, got the time, and want to, then please sign up

we will update all our work so it fit to unreal 2007 when it get's released
The forum have now been fixed, so, you can now post anything in there as you want to post about the mod.

in some shot time, will there be some more forums, like questions, suggestions, other projects.

the questions, uis used, to you, as got a question ,and got the time for waiting on a answear, your others, as don't got time,

also if you got some questions, before signingup, i would like them to be in the mail.

a forum for that will come too
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