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403 on URLs that end with "cp"

Hello there!

I have some difficulties running a forum software on my webspace here. Installation worked fine and the board displays flawlessly.

However i geht 403-Forbidden whenever i try to call (This happens on a form submission) The error says: "You don't have permission to access /unb/forum.php on this server.".
Opening the following url is no problem, however.
Other form submission work, too. Even calling works fine. I'm somewhat at a loss. Wink

The board uses mod_rewrite, and it's own .htaccess files. However even deleting these files did not solve the problem.
I contacted the board's author, and he suggested asking here since the problem seems to be host-related.

Any ideas?

Thx a lot in advance. =)
DSitC wrote:
i geht 403-Forbidden whenever i try to call


Any ideas?

No ideas, but a few tests show that URLs ending in 'cp' all fail; maybe even for all sites hosted on (I tested your domain and my two domains)
FAIL: ...?req=cp
OK: ...?req=cp&id=1&cat=account
FAIL: ...?id=1&cat=account&req=cp
OK: ...?dummy=abc
FAIL: ...?dummy=abcp
OK: ...?dummy=abcpq
hexkid wrote:
No ideas, but a few tests show that URLs ending in 'cp' all fail; maybe even for all sites hosted on (I tested your domain and my two domains)

Yep, even non-existing sites/files.
Can this be changed, or is it a security-related drawback we have to live with?

The CP thing doesn't work on my website either! Perhaps its blocked by default on the server because CP stands for cPanel, one of the most popular web-based admin interfaces (and is used on Server 1). Hmm...

A similar issue I had was when I made a folder called "promo" and put photos in there. The index file loaded OK, but the page refused to show any of the images from the promo folder. As soon as I renamed the folder to "prm", all images started working!

I'm thinking that maybe there are some default directory blocks on the server to reduce spam and increase security Smile
I can't repeat this error on my site (server 1)
Perhaps its just a problem with server 2 then Smile
I know that there are a few restricted directories due to DirectAdmin, which won't work.

"cp" stands for control panel and not cPanel. There is definately no reason for DA to block it for this reason. However it is used as a way to get DA on port 80, so that might cause this, although I doubt it. I rather think it is some configuration/security issue that I don't know of. As I don't know what causes this, I'm not able to change it.

ChrisCh, the issue with the images might not be related to the name of the folder, rather to permissions or even caching.
Luckily the board is done very clean oop-wise. I simply extended the function that creates and formats the internal urls to add a stupid "&v=1" to the End of each and every internal URL.

Not a very nice solution, but it works. Wink
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