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You be the CEO?

If you owned a company or were a CEO of one - What do you think should be the most important pages on your website - assume any business but please specify that in your reply.

You can provide a broadly defined content of each page if you like, but try to be different from:
Home Page
Site Map
Contact Us
About Us

kind of stuff.
Code of Ruin
Well, you already stated the obvious pages for a company. That are also the most important ones. Depending on what kind of company we are talking about I would also include a page of the price's you charge.
Also be sure to make it very clear what your company does on the first page people see. If you do something like webdesign then be sure to include a portfolio.
Yes, including the prices is important.

I'd be glad if more people think of diverse businesses like travel, hospitality, medicine, logistics, manufacuring etc.
The Home Page Obviously. The Home Page is the first page anyone sees, So the way it is done sends a statement to the client. The Home page can include the contact info, info on the company and so on. I doubt anyone uses the site map and certainly eveything can be put on the home page in a sense.

The First Impression is the most important thing, More important than if he is even going to buy anything.
the most important ones i think are

My Brain @ My Head wrote:
1) Home Page
2) Product Page
3) Checkout Page - If you offer online shopping
I'd also want to see pages for:

Contact Info and Contact Forms,
Products and/or Services,
Support and appropriate forms
Feedback Info and Forms,
Copyright Info,
Articles of Incorporation,
Company History

This is just off the top of my head. I think it really depends on the type and also the size of the business in question, and how much info you want to get across or gather. This does not of course include any online stores, ordering forms, databases, or other things of that nature. The more information you can provide a potential customer/client will go a long way towards making them (the User) feel more at ease doing business with your company.
CyanEyed wrote:
the most important ones i think are

My Brain @ My Head wrote:
1) Home Page
2) Product Page
3) Checkout Page - If you offer online shopping

Yeah that's a good idea for online shopping. If you want more ideaaaas you should look ooon amazon or something.
It MUST be the homepage.
You gotta think how people will actually concern when they firstly meet your site.

You gotta devide them to 2 parts - the one have joined your site, and those who firstly visit.

By the way, I think Google is the greatest homepage I've ever seen.
if u are a CEO,u will not kit this website,so ,we do not what the CEO though.
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