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Portfolio Site (Critiques Encouraged)

I just finished my online portfolio this afternoon (hosted by FriHost, the best free online hosting service I've ever encountered). All xhtml, css and graphics are uniquely mine, was written only with Note Pad and validates according to W3C's standards.

The JScript for the thumbnails was copied from a forum post. Embarassed

Please, tell me of any improvements you believe I should make to the site. The site won't get a lot of hits, and will mainly be viewed only by people I had the address out to. *Since it is a portfolio, the main content is the portfolio section.* However, I still want the site to be as functional and efficient as possible. It was, after all, a learning experience (my first site) and I want to learn from my mistakes and move on to a larger project with my acquired knowledge.

the site can be found at
Hi, Nice site you have here:

I especially like the nice and easy way in which the content is organised. The simple look of the main content box is appealing.

Some suggestions:

1. the green colour of the main navigation menu is not easy on the eyes. Somehow it doesin't fit the header image i feel. Maybe you should give it a glass like effect and see how it looks then.

2. The background blue gradient is a big distraction. It does take the attention of the user away from the main content. I suggest u use a light background colour for it.

3. Personalisation: The art of making a site distinct is to add your own touch to the design elements including Headings, subsection, scrollers etc. Try developing a distinct style. (for eg, i like the hyphened lines u use to separate subsections; )

4. As you are a deigner I would suggest that you use more images on your design too.

overall very good work on your website. All the best.
Looks really good... ++++

A few ideas,

- rework the header image. Remove "Design". This is akin to printing "MY BOOK REPORT" across the top of a, well, book report. I like the swirl that leads into the triangle of colors.. that looks plesant. But the big "design" word is detracting.

- expand the resume a little bit. Take the experience you show in your portfolio, and describe it in your resume eg . ."Graphic Designer for Dana Hill Mast 2005-2006" etc...

- Use a favicon that matches your header design. Change the fleur de louis (sp?) into either the color swirl, or the color triangle to match the header.

I'm far from color knowledgeable, but something tells me the colors you have chosen might be no-no's based on their positions on the color wheel. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this point.

Otherwise, this looks really good!
Thanks for all your suggestions.
I'll play around with each and see how it fits into the site overall.

The green might come out more...vibrant...on other monitors. I'll try to find a more nuetral color, or try the previous suggestion and add a glass effect.

The resume is kinda a joke, I don't expect to get any work, and I'm too busy already Embarassed . But I will rewrite to be be more professional once I have something to actually put down there (its mostly filler bs)

As for the "design" part, I just need to find a real name for the site and replace the text to whatever I find suitable. I'll definately tone down the text as well, so it isn't so blaring.

I didn't put much thought into the favicon, and your comment reflects that. I'll spend some time reworking that as well.

My site is almost solely unique design, and I wanted to make it more so by having a dark background. You don't see many gradients, but that may because they truly are distracting. I'll mess around with tiled background patterns instead with softer colors. The effect might be much better.

More images? The cleanest way I can think of doing this (I want to avoid the guady display most design sites turn into) would be to spruce up the headers and add a graphical background to em.


Again, thanks for your input, and sorry for the length post.
Completely redesigned the site to have a more unique feel, but not done quite yet...

Re-comment please. I'd appreciate it.
I'm looking for a good way to create a tiling background for the site. Anyone know of some good tutorials on the subject? I might just have to draw one freehand Shocked .
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