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Who do you think will win the Mens Wimbledon?

The draw now is quite surprising. It's just Federer against all these low ranking players.

I don't think Nadal is good enough on grass. He's struggled a bit compared to Federer's run so far. Nadal's top spin style doesn't really suit the fast grass surface.

I can imagine Baghdatis getting into the final against Federer again. He has some great shots and he's fast on court. He's playing against Hewitt next. I think that will be a great match. The winner of that should reach the final.

I've been rather disappointed that Nalbandian was out so early. I was looking forward a match between him and Federer.


We had Sampras, Agassi and few more other favorites before Federer. These days Roger Federer is only favorite. He didn't lose since 2002. on the grass. Rolling Eyes

But, that year Mario Ancic beat him, and that player will face him in quaterfinal. Mario beat Novak Djokovic yesterday in five sets, very good match for both of them. I think only Mario's experience judged. Djokovic is only 19 years old and he is the future of the grass. Btw, as England can't develop player who would win the Wimbledon, AFAIK they are in negotiation with Djokovic to play for England! Laughing

So, tommorow is the Federer-Ancic match and I think Mario is the only guy who can stop Federer on the grass. I'm hoping Ancic would become for the Federer on the grass exactly what Nadal is on the ground for him.

Go Mario, go! Very Happy
im dissapointed that Murray was knocked out and henman was unfortuantate to have federer in first game
Well, in fact the topic's question has benn already answered: Roger Federer won again a astonishing final against Rafael Nadal. Federer is simply the best! If he is in his top form, nobody can beat him! On the oter hand there is this Nadal, who attacks like a shark, noticing every mistake made by his opposite. I'm happy that there are two excellent players at the same time in the world of tennis.. It'll stay exciting...
I think Tim Henman will win. I just gave my bookie ten grand to lay on him for the fortnight. Or was that a mistake..... Dancing

Roger Federer is simply awesome. He will probably win a French Open before it's all over, but even if he doesn't, he will be thought of along with Sampras, McEnroe, Connors, Borg, and many other greats.
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