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i wanna know if someone saw SNATCH too ?! Cause it's a good movie but , my friends didnt know what is it... no correction just 1 of my friends know this movie... and , this movie is awesome.... it is to be seen !

here is the picture of the box

im too in love with this movie...i saw it like , 6 times... and , i'll buy it... not me , but my sista

Good actor in too ... Like Bradd Pitt and Jason Statham ...
Nope, can't say I've seen that one. Come to think of it, I have never even heard of such a movie. I'll have to find a trailer and see what it's about.

Never heard of it!? It was Guy Richie's follow up to 'Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels'. And yeah, it's pretty good, but I much preferred Lock Stock. I can't tell you why - if I'm honest, I thought I was going to hate both of them. Live & learn.
Great movie. Very smart and the actors that were used worked very well together. The writing was brilliant too!
It's sitting on my shelf, but I have yet to watch it. Never seem to have the time to watch it even though I have the time to post on a forum :p.
nop...never heard
Snatch is a great film on its own. Brad Pitt is terrific. Steals the show.

However, as a follow up to Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, it isn't nearly as good. I recommend Lock Stock over Snatch any day.
I think its one of the best movies i've ever seen. I think it was actualyl the peak start for brad pitt. actually most of all i love the team that also have been working on that movie , cards, money and two smokies - or something like this. i whatched it in russian therefore i cannot remember the english name of it. anyway it's a cool movie.
Snatch is such an awesome movie. I still haven't seen Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, but I really want to. And i thought Lock Stock was a prequel? ... didn't it come after Snatch, I'm probably wrong, but I don't know.

Oh, and if you like Snatch, another really good movie to watch is "Boondock Saints". That is another AWESOME movie.
Lock/Stock came first, then Snatch. Actaully one movie has nothing to do with the other, but the plots and scripts are similar, and both in that funny cockney english. Sting has a great (albeit small) part in Lock/Stock.

edit: the censor got my post a little there. I was referring to the type of dialect used in London and not the body part. LOL
As others have mentioned, I thought I'd hate this, but wound up loving it. Then I went on to see "Lock, Stock," and loved that!

Snatch is the source of one of my favourite movie quote: "You should never underestimate the predicability of stupidity."

It is loaded with other gems, too, such as, "In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again." ROTFL! Not only great action, but also great wit! Brick Top had quite a few great lines, actually, but most of them cannot be repeated here.

Then there's "What has he got a tea cozy on his head for?" "To keep his head warm." LOL!

Yes, Boondock Saints is good, too, but I like Snatch and "Lock, Stock" better.
Just its great editing is enough to make Snatch worth the walk to Blockbuster. Smile
you're right traveller
I dont believe it, come on guys this move you gotta watch it, it is a nice movie, i really like the character Franky Four Fingers, Bullet Tooth Tony and of course Mickey O'Neil, this movie has a nice plot believe me you wont get bored...
codenameshypher wrote:
I think it was actualyl the peak start for brad pitt.

Seven was the start for Pitt then Sleepers and Fight Club, he was already a big name before Snatch.
i watched this movie with friends once, at first i didnt think it would be good, but as i watched i came to like it more and more, i can only recommend it.
LOL this would have to be one of the best movies ive ever seen, i like when they get the replica guns ROFL n they get chased with the deagle LOL haha damn im gonna watch this movie again lol
Yeah, I've seen it. It's hilarious!
Hey nice stuff..!! Thank you for sharing it with us.
Snatch is a great movie.
I had heard about it a very long time ago, but could not get my hands on it, until last year, and after watching the movie, I loved it.
The acting was great, the comedy was funny, thrilling as well and had a bit of suspense as well.

I'm sure you will like it.

I enjoyed it more than lock stock @ traveller... But I guess everyone has different tastes.

You can watch this movie more than once and not get tired of it (unless you watch it like a 100 times! :p)
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