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Ghost stories

Do you think ghosts are real?
Yes - Undeniable fact
 37%  [ 3 ]
Not really no
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Not sure
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I'm a ghost
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Alpha Dude
Hi Smile

I don't know about everyone else here, but I love reading about people's experiences of the paranormal kind. So how about it, anyone got any true story to tell? Be it anything that happened to a friend, or a friend of a friend, I would love to hear them all. I don't have any stories of my own as such...Sad

<Accept my apologies if there is already a thread for this kind of stuff - I performed a search but could'nt find anything>
Zug Zug
Hmmmm.....I don't know any that happend to my friends, but here's one of my sisters favorite ghost stories:

In the years immediately following the Civil War, the railroad was king. And if the railroad was king, its prince was the conductor. The engineer might have gotten to sit up front, blow the whistle and drive the train. But he couldn't move that train one inch until the conductor told him to.

Joe Baldwin had always wanted to be a conductor. One day, he finally realized his lifelong dream when he was hired to be a conductor on the Wilmington & Manchester line. The W&M stretched from the coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina westward to Columbia, South Carolina, then down to Charleston - a town that Joe loved never tired of visiting. The beautiful homes, the water, and huge helpings of fried chicken and sweet potato pie that his friends cooked for him - it made his mouth water just thinking about it.

Joe would appear at work every morning, smartly turned out in his clean, pressed black pants, starched white shirt, black leather vest and expertly-tied bow tie. On top of his head was the conductor's hat, with a medallion on the front that glistened like gold in the sunlight and read "Conductor." He always carried his lantern with him, along with a ticket punch and, of course, his railroad watch. For it was with that watch that Joe made his train run on time.

Joe took very good care of his trains. Several times during a run, Joe would walk from one end of the train to the other checking everything he could think of. He would check the wheels to see if foreign objects from the tracks were stuck up in them. He would check the boxcars to make sure they were properly locked. He would make sure that the passengers had everything then needed, and that there was always enough oil for the lamps so they wouldn't burn out at stormy night, as they were traveling through the swampy woods near Maco, North Carolina (a few miles west of Wilmington), Joe was back in the caboose resting. He had just completed his rounds, and wanted to take a short break before they reached South Carolina. Dreams of Charleston danced in his head as the clickety-clack of the train wheels lulled him to sleep.

Suddenly, the train started slowing down, and Joe instinctively woke up in a flash. Joe immediately got worried, for he knew it wasn't time for a stop yet. He jumped up, ran to the front of the caboose, opened up the door and stepped out for the next coach.

But there was no next coach! Joe was horrified to see that the caboose he was riding in had somehow become uncoupled from the rest of the train. Somewhere in the distant darkness, the rest of his beloved train had left him behind.

Joe knew he was in trouble, because right behind his train, he knew that a fast freight would soon be approaching. Joe ran out onto the rear landing and peered through the rain and fog, trying desperately to spot the train. Before long, way off in the distance, he saw a pinpoint of light, and he knew it had to be the freight train behind him. As the light got bigger, he could almost hear the wheels of the freight chugging toward him, louder and louder.
Joe grabbed his lantern and started waving it frantically from side to side, hollering, "Hey! Stop! Hey!" He knew the freight engineer couldn't hear him, but he screamed anyway, waving his lantern wilder and wilder.

The freight light grew bigger and bigger, and Joe heard the whooshing sound of the air brakes, then the sound of the freight locomotive going into reverse, its wheels spinning on the track. He saw the sparks flying off either side of the track like some surreal fireworks display.

That was the last thing Joe Baldwin ever saw. For the freight smashed into his caboose with a deafening crash, splintering it into a million pieces.

Then there was silence on the tracks, save for the steam hissing from the freight train. The only light was from Joe Baldwin's lantern, which had been thrown deep into the dark swamp and continued to burn through the night.

The next morning, the people that came to search the wreckage finally found Joe's mangled body near the caboose. To their horror, they found that he had been decapitated in the crash. They searched throughout the woods, but never could find his head - only his lantern, still warm to the touch. They carried Joe home and buried him without his head.
A few weeks later, the station master at Maco stepped out onto the platform on another dark and foggy night. As he looked down the tracks, he thought he saw a little pinpoint of light coming toward him. He checked his watch - there wasn't supposed to be any train arriving then. The light kept moving down the tracks, as if it were someone carrying a lantern. Then it started to swing back and forth, slowly at first, but as it got closer to the station, it started to swing wilder and wilder. And then, it suddenly turned and went back down the tracks, until it disappeared into the darkness.

The station master didn't know what to make of it at first, and eventually dismissed it from his mind. But then the light started coming back more and more, mainly on nights when there was stormy weather. Again, it would start as a tiny point, growing larger as it approached, swinging back and forth like a lantern, wilder and wilder. Then, as it neared the station, it would turn around and go back into the woods.
The station master wasn't the only one who saw the light. Engineers approaching Maco would see it along the tracks, and would stop their trains thinking it was a signal. They finally had to make a special rule at Maco where any signals to any train had to be done with two lights instead of one, and any single light signals were to be ignored.

Folks began coming into Maco from all over to see what became known as the "Maco Light." Scientists even tried studying it to come up with a plausible theory, but never could figure it out. Some folks said it was a ball of lightning, or swamp gas. In later years, some believed it was automobile headlights reflecting off the tracks.

But all the locals knew what it was - they knew it was Joe Baldwin coming back to look for his head!

In 1977, the railroad shut down the line and tore up the tracks. When the tracks left, so did the light, and it hasn't reappeared since. Whether Joe Baldwin found his head, or found some other measure of peace, that was the last anyone ever saw of the Maco Light.

I added quote-tags to your post. Please remember to do so when you take something from another website Wink
Alpha Dude
Thanks Zug Zug for the story! Smile

Joe Baldwin's ghost Shocked

Keep it coming folks!
Wow that story was long but really interesting.
I just copied the story to my mobile. I read it, It is very nice. Keepp it up. More stories like this ( short and inetersting ) should come here.
Wow, you should send that into Coast to Coast AM.
wooooooow nice topic and a great idea

stories about ghosts sometimes is not true

it comes from the movies and the imagination

but that not mean all of them not true

but the story sent by zug zug is so interesting
There is a ghost living in a house opposite to ours ............... We dont know whether to believe but three families have come there and vacated and they say its because of a ghost.. And all this happenned after the death of a dentist livin there ................ Its so CREEpy!

wow that is an long story, but it is worth to read Smile good story Wink
Alpha Dude
whplace wrote:
There is a ghost living in a house opposite to ours ............... We dont know whether to believe but three families have come there and vacated and they say its because of a ghost.. And all this happenned after the death of a dentist livin there ................ Its so CREEpy!


Is this true? Crikey! Shocked

Do you like here any 'sounds' or stuff like that? I live opposite a cemetery (not close - but can see it from bedroom window), lol when I was young I would try not to look out of the window at night, just in case I 'saw' something...I don't know what I'd have done if there was a supposed haunted house opposite mine!
I had a poltergeist experience in a restaurant about 6 years ago.. my date and I were the first people there on a summer evening.. after we sat down and the waiter took our drink order and we were examining the menus, one of my forks was pulled off the table and thrown on the hardwood floor very forcefully.. after I paused in a stupefied manner, I picked it up and put back on the table (away from my placesetting so as not to use it later).. less than a minute later, the same thing happened to another one of my forks

neither my date or I saw either one move.. it happened in the blink of an eye (literally).. but it was very clear that I didn't do it, and she couldn't have.. and there was no one else in the room

once we realized what was going on, it immediately stopped and we resumed our dining experience.. I asked the waiter if he was aware of any unexplained occurances, but he just laughed and joked about ghosts, thinking he was being funny.. but he didn't know the menu at all and was obviously new to the restaurant so he wouldn't have known anyway

the situation was never scary, but very puzzling

on another topic, I've had two occasions of 'premonition' where I knew something unusual and significant was going to happen before it did.. in both cases I knew exactly what and when.. but not how (if that makes any sense).. and it wasn't just a feeling that 'such and such might occur', but rather I knew for a fact what was going to happen on a specific day as though it was something written on a calendar.. and both times I was shocked after the fact that I was actually right
Alpha Dude
Hi Joe Smile
You know, if I was to experience something paranormal I'd like it to happen out somewhere in the open, like a restaurant... If it were to happen to me when I am home all alone, I would be terrified!

You mention premonitions, I hav'nt had any myself... but I do feel have feelings of 'deja vu', I experience it quite often too.

Thanks for the story Smile

I have a ghost in my home. She used to be here most of the time, but now she's in visitation, which means she has moved on,but comes back to visit now and again. Because of my Druid work, I also come into contact with spirits of those who are close to passing, or who already have. So asyou can imagine, I have loads of stories to tell.

I'll just tell a very short on for now.

My daughter lost a 5 note at home and was obviously upset about this. The next day I was doing my hair in the sittingroom and put my comb down to do something else. when I went back to finish my hair, the comb had gone.

You know what it's like when you lose something, you look in the most unlikeliest places. I began taking the cushions out of the chairs and instead of finding my comb, I found the missing 5 note. A few minutes later I found my comb, exactly where I had left it in the first place. Once again, our friendly spirit had done a kindness.

I know some people would say this was just coincidence, but living with my ghost, I knew it was her. Besides which, I have never put anything down to her without checking out all other posibilities first.
Alpha Dude
Thanks Wounded Healer for the account! How did you first realise that there is a ghost in your house? Do you ever feel threatened?

Hmmm, actually I think I should have added a poll, something along the lines of "Do you believe in ghosts?"...

DRATS - I cast the wrong vote!
hey guys...i m a ghost
[quote="Alpha Dude"]Thanks Wounded Healer for the account! How did you first realise that there is a ghost in your house? Do you ever feel threatened?

I noticed things were being moved about, so I lined ornaments up with the tiles on the mantlepiece before going to bed - I was the last one to go to bed - then checked them first thing in the morning. Again macking sure I was the first one to get up.

I never mentioned anything about ghosts to my very young children. However when my daughter was 2 1/2-3 years old she kept pointing out her friend ghosty. She even pointed her friend out to me when we were outside the local shop.

I went to see a very old neighbour of mine who had been living there since the houses were first built. She told me the lady of the house arrived home from work one day - she worked at the shop mentioned above - and said she wasn't feeling well. Her husband went into the kitchen to make her a cup of tea, and when he took it into her he found her in a comma. She was taken to the hospital and passed on 3 days later without regaining consciousness.

The old lady must have known the ladies spirit was still in my house because she told me not to worry, she wouldn't hurt me. She said a few more things which I've forgotten now.

As to whether I feel threatened, no I don't . It seems she was a nice lady in life, and cared very much for her home, so why should she change just because she has passed on?

I think that's enough for today. I'll tell another story tomorrow.
I belive in ghosts, or spirits if you like..
I dont believe it,
I dont think there is a ghost in the world .
I posted this in another thread, so I'll use quotes here.


I'm an engineer and very skeptical and analytical by nature, so I offer the following story as is and you can take it anyway you wish.

Back in the early 80's, my wife and I bought a house out in BFE to be near her best friend. This friend was a great person and also was heavily into the occult in a pleasant way. In the time before we moved out there she became a friend of mine as well. Sadly. just before we took possesion of the house, she and her son were killed in a car wreck.

A few months after we moved in, a friend and I were up late talking. This friend never drank or did drugs (unusual for my friends!) and so pragmatic, we had to define terms everytime we had a discussion. Not one to believe in anything he couldn't hit with a stick. Anyway, as we were talking I noticed a white, translucent, amorphous shape slowly appear in the middle of the living room. My friend and I both stopped talking. It was roughly, 4 feet wide at the bottom and 2 feet tall in the middle. Oddly, I felt no sense of fear. Just curiousity, which seems pretty strange in afterthought. Slowly, it pulled together and rose in height until it started to look like a human form. I couldn't estimate the height well since I was sitting on the floor. Just as I was starting to make out the face, it faded away. My friend and I just looked at each other and took turns describing what we had just seen. Details matched except that I seemed to see my wife's friend in the face and he just saw a ill-defined face he didn't recognize.

After story:
Years later I talked to him about it (we never talked about after that night.) and after examining his diary entry, the only detail I seemed to have mis-remembered was who spoke first after it happened.

Ghost? Common hallucination? Something else? Heck, I haven't a clue. I tend to think it was my wife's friend, but there is no way I would ever swear to it.
It's very common for a dear friend who has passed on to visit us. I think it's their way of saying "I'm ok" It's also common not to be afraid at the sight of a spirit. I find there is usually a feeling of peace when they appear to us.

A few years ago, my husband a nd myself were sitting up in bed. Our door was open and the bed was facing the landing. We both saw what we thought was one of the children run across the landing from one bedroom to another. I thought it was my son Dave, as the figure we saw was in white and he was the only one who had white pygamas. A few minutes later this figure came out of the bedroom and headed out of sight down the stairs. I called out to Dave and he was in his bedroom. I called out to the other two, and they were clearly in their bedrooms. Yet both my husband and me had twice seen this figure.

The strange thing was, it never dawned on either of us at the tiime that the only thing that we registered was that the figure was wearing white.

I like to think this was our friendly spirit checking on the children.
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