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Best Star Wars film?

Best Star Wars film?
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
 4%  [ 2 ]
Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
 9%  [ 4 ]
Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
 18%  [ 8 ]
Episode IV: A New Hope
 6%  [ 3 ]
Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
 37%  [ 16 ]
Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
 23%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 43

Definetly not AOTC. What a waste of time! And to add insult to injury, when it finally does get good (the Clone War battle on Geonosis) it ends.

Anway, when I'm done using this topic in my vendetta of hate against Attack Of The Drones.... Razz's a tough choice between Empire, Jedi and Sith.
Mr. McCoy
The Empire strikes back... no doubt,
I love the AT AT's and I love Yoda when he eats lukes food.
Well, like many others Empire Strikes Back is my faviroute of the series, closely followed by return of the Jedi (This was my favourite film as a kid, but my opinion changed as I grew up).
Empire strikes back, no doubt. All of the *original* Star Wars movies are great, but I like thisone especially.

And the 'first' three shouldn't even be called Star Wars.. Bah!
Ive seen all of them and I liked attack of the clones the best. Maybe it was just the special effects,
Return of the Jedi from the old trilogy... because it has a nice ending and all.

From the 'new' trilogy, I like Revenge of the Sith the best, though I've seen it only twice. I liked how Anakin became more evil and stuff. The lightsaber battle from Darth Maul versus Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn is the best from the whole saga though - and that was the main reason I liked Star Wars. Light Sabers!
Return of the Jedi, it has everything and works as a stand alone film. I notice nobody voted TPM, it was a sad chapter in the Star Wars series...
I personally liked all the Star Wars films, except The Phantom Menace. The only cool things in that movie were the Pod Race, and Darth Mual's saber. That's all I liked from that one. But for my favorites, I'd have to say Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes Back (I can't pick just one Razz).
My faves are Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith.
I cant coose between them two!
'revenge of the sith' is a descent attempt but TESB still outguns them all. The revamped version was even cooler.
There is no doubt at all in my mind (or should there be in any of yours, for that matter) that TESB is the best movie, followed closely by Episode IV:A New Hope.

Episodes I-III cannot compare. It is like choosing between being smothered in chocolate and having (insert your favorite actor/actress here - for me Scarlett Johansson Drool ) lick it all off and promising you that she's just getting started while angels sing in the background...
having your balls crushed in a, a vice with, a vice with spikes that have been heated to a temperature of 1000 degrees. Yes, that's it.

The only thing I-III has is that they are better special effects wise, but then would you rather have a woman/man who is deep, reflective and someone you can spend your life with meaningfully or a bimbo/himbo who was surgically enhanced with big boobs, curvaceous hips and long legs that never end (no, the man wouldn't have that all that. Ladies please insert whatever you want surgically enhanced). Yeah, I'd choose the woman with the special effects too. Hey, I liked episodes IV and V a lot more than I-III, but when it comes to choosing women, I'm not stupid.

Mr. Green - who the hell is Mr. Green?????
i would say return of the jedi because it had a good ending, and the death star battle with all the ships and ewoks one thing discribes them, little, furry, and crazy Very Happy i like the little ewoks so much that one time my brother told me a song
"you got laser i got spear i throw rock right up your rear"
"you got mech we got trees we make you fall to your knees"
Empire Strikes Back hands down. The first trilogy runs rings around the prequels.
When I saw Episode I, I thought they would make a really great thing with this pre-sequel movies. I was really dissapointed with Ep II, but I think Ep III was a lot better... at least it satisfied all my doubts closing all the threads that were on the loose. However, I guess they could have done a better work with AotC with this of "closing the storie" so that it respected a bit the idea of the previous movies... The best of that one was certainly the "where the clones come from" and the Fett family Smile
Honestly Ive only watched one of the original three movies, and i cant even reemember which it was.... i liked ATOC, dunno why, but my best was revenge of the sith. Watching anakin turn evil totally rocked.
Phantom Menace. Darth Maul's performance is enough to make this film be on top of my list.
Personally I feel SW3 was the best...the script was well written regarding conversion of skywalker to vader.moreover CGI was way to realistic and sound effects were awesome.
I've seen them all but eps 3. However, out of the 5 I've seen, I'd have to say that I like Return of the Jedi the most. Next would be Empire Strikes back... I don't remember eps 4 too well.
Personally, I think Lucas should have done with the Prequals what he did with the original trilogy, in terms of directing. He only directed Ep. IV and let others direct the last two chapters. If he had done this with Ep II and Ep III I think they would have turned out better. By far in the the PRequals I think Ep I has the best Directing, but of the series as a whole I must go with Empire Strikes back.
mistuh griddlez
God, we're all nerds... Very Happy But i love empire strikes back! (turns out everyone else likes it too. Shocked )
mistuh griddlez wrote:
God, we're all nerds... Very Happy

You really thought otherwise?? Wink
I think

"Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith"

was a gud movie

Other films in this series are also good.
Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. The best movie of them all. No doubt!
I think " the empire strikes back" is the best because it has so many different characters. I would say return of the jedi but i do not like the Ewaks at the end i thought that they were a bit childish. It was still extremely good though.

The Phantom Menace was very good also. i think the film was very well structured and liam neeson is a great actor. I think i like this film because it was my first time seeing star wars properly(the other times i was very small).

Star Wars Rules and george Lucas is a great Writer.....Rock ON!!!
I havent seen all movies :0(
one day when I have time I'll try to see all the movies, right now I'm loaded with homework.
i really like attack of the clones it was great i have all the new ones on dvd.
Ludo Lambrechts
My favourite was the third one, it had a lot of action, great effects and bridges the gap between 1 & 2 and 4,5 & 6. I love the others almost as much.

Ludo Cool
George Lucas should be arrested for making Eps. 1-3. They all suck. The visual effects are very good, and the action sequences are generally exciting, but my God, the writing is awful, and the acting even worse. These are great actors we're talking about (Natelie Portman, Ewen McGregor, Christopher Lee, Liam Neeson), and they look terrible in these films - all because of Lucas' lame direction.

It's no surprise that the people who like these latest films are too young to have seen the original trilogy, except on dvd or video. Those of us who grew up around the original trilogy are just sick about these movies. I mean, there are parts of AOTC that are unwatchable. Sith was better, but still not good.

It's a shame Lucas couldn't do what he did with the original films and get a good director to help out.
I liked episode II very much, I guess just because the love story that takes place in it and not so many special effects as in III (episode III had exagerated number of special effects imo)

But don't get me wrong I liked all of them and I have them saved on DVDs and I like to watch them from time to time from top to bottom. (all tho seeing episode IV after seeing episode III is kinda like going from a great PC to a pocket calculator) Smile
I'd have to say that Empire Strikes Back was my favorite of all the episodes, even with the dated graphics. The acting was just so much better then Episode III, my runner-up....
i like Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. it's very fun
I think the Star Wars:Clone Wars cartoon should be on the list. Quite good though.
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