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India won

Dancing Atlast, India won a test match abroad, after long 35 years. I think the Indian team have improved lot under Rahul Dravid's captancy and coach Chappel. Not forgetting the role played by Kumble and Srishanth. I think Kumble can do lots of things in future also.Although he has age more than 35 (I'm not sure) , he is still like an young player with no short of determination to win the game. I think overall performance of the team have improved under Rahul. What are your opinions ? Please share.
Thank you.
Dancing Dancing
Ya, it was a great victory man!!
Pitch was very much supporting for bowlers!!
Dravid played well to buld a good target!!

Full scorecard is here:

Dravid is lone batsman with Test class: Sardesai

Wednesday July 5, 02:53 AM

It comes as no surprise that Dilip Sardesai singles out captain and batting mainstay Rahul Dravid for India's historic series triumph in the West Indies. ''Except for Dravid, everybody plays loose shots and get out, forgetting that it's five-day cricket,'' he says.

Sardesai knows what he is talking as 35 years back he returned home from the West Indies with a double and single ton and an average in the 80s - Dravid finished with an average of 82.66.

But, unlike Dravid who sparringly got support from Wasim Jaffer and Virender Sehwag, Sardesai had for company a promising 21-year-old debutant who scored 774 runs. About the absence of another Sunil Gavaskar-like performance, Sardesai said, ''So much one-day cricket has meant most of the present-day batsmen are found wanting in Tests, specially against the moving ball.''

A day after India won the series at Kingston, the 66-year-old batting master drawing a parrallel between Class of 71 to the Class of 06, comments on the historic win and, of course, goes down memeroy lane. Excerpts:


We had better spinners in Erapalli Prasanna, Bishan Singh Bedi and Venkatraghavan. They were all artistic and classical in their ways. They would decieve the batsman with their flight and were effective on any kind of wicket. Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh, on the other hand, need assistance from wickets to perform. However, you can't blame them because of the number of one-day cricket these days.


I'm not surprised by the result. In all departments, we're a far better side than the Windies. If not for rains and other factors, India surely would have wrapped it up 3-0. Team management made a mistake by dropping Harbhajan for the earlier matches. Spin is their (Windies) weakness, Harbhajan surely would have been more effective.

On the flip side, inconsistency in our batting is something to be looked into. Only Dravid has been consistent; one must not forget that World Cup is in the West Indies and our batsmen have to be more responsible.


It was because of Ajit (Wadekar), I came into the playing XI. Before the series, against Jamaican XI, I got a hundred. In the same match, Gavaskar and Vishwanath got injured, so automatically I got into the team. The best was yet to come. In the first Test at Sabina Park, my knock of 212 came under difficult circumstances. After being 50/5, I put on a 180-run stand with Eknath Solkar to save the match.

It gave us a psychological edge ahead of the second Test at Port of Spain, which we won by seven wickets. While Gavaskar made his debut there with a brilliant 65, my knock of 112 was instrumental in the win. However, my best innings came in the fourth Test at Bridge Town. Replying to West Indies 501, we're reeling at 6/70. I went on to score 150 and in the process avoided the follow-on; the game-and the series-was more or less saved.

Cheers to India Cricket Team!!
Under such circumstances it was a very good performances by India. West Indies(WI) Captain Brian Lara complaint about the pitch to the groundman - Charlie. The losing team has only one thing to say - complaint about everything.

Dravid batted with technically correct drives which was a joy to watch whenever loose ball came his way, otherwise he was just a wall for WI. And the bowlers did well to wrap up the match. Remember WI were all out for a meagre 103 runs in the first innings. Who to blame except themselves?

Congrats to TEAM India.
Atlast they have done it. They should have won the series by atleast 3-0 or even 4-0. Twice weather create barricade for Indian victory and once Brian Lara.

Anyway congrats Team India.
well it's finally done. They've weathered the storm and brought home a trophy. bruised and battered yet an overseas trophy is always special.

Windies were never a menacing side but surely are difficult to beat at home. What should have been a drab one-sided contest turned out to be an extiting series with the windies fighting for survival in the first two with some help from the rain gods.

India was on the backfoot in the third and conceeded a lead of 200+, thanks to lara's captaincy and some late realisation that our middle order can bat we saved the game.

The final test was a horror which saw us reduced to 75/5, but what was even more shocking was the way the windies were shot out! IN what proved to be a very exciting match, the windies crumbled before a target of 270.

All said and done we finally ended the overseas drought and found the 'holy grail'
Ya finally we cud manage a series win in the carribian after a long wait. The performance of dravid was excellent and he played two excellent nocks on a bowler friendly wickets.Ofcource Brian had his complaints about the pitch.In some way lars's disappointment with the pitch was reasonable because generally in test matches pitch is always prepared keeping in mind home pteams strength and windies strength was their fast bowling and all they got for the final and crucial test was a pitch that started turning as early as second day's morning and india cashed in.My congratulations to Dravid and Greg for this victory.
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