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Today and yesterday, I experienced somenthing really odd.
Yesterday, I was updating my phpbb forum, and while updating, the ftp client tells me that it can't upload any more files, because I have reached the quota on 250 MB. I was totally confused. I went in on my cPanel, and also there it stood that I was using 250 MB!

I went in on the disk usage page, and it stood that my forum was using 150 MB. I thought this was really weird, the weirdest was that if I added all the megabytes that was used in the rest of the directories, I couldn't figure out how it could reach 100 more MB, I mean 100 MB that was used somewhere else than in the forum directory...

I was really tired, because it was late, so instead of checking further in my forum directory, I went in on my website with my ftp client, and deleted my email inbox, wich was full of spam that was using a lot of space, so I could finish the update. Then I went to bed.

The next day, I checked the forum directory, and found out that it was a lot of files called core.(a lot of numbers) that took up incredibly much space!
I deleted them all, and then I was down on ca 100 Mb again.

I looked on one of them, and in additon to lots of unreadable information, I saw the url to one of the .php pages.

Can someone explain to me what these core files are, and why they are created?
They are core dumps of php, created for debugging. Pretty useless for you, so please remove them, or if there is a lot of them, I can do it for you.

They appeared when server 1 crashed a few days ago, I had 1.5GB of it on this website myself. Wink

My apologies for any problems related to this.
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