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Don't you think that people named Ellliot are generally more attractive and desireable than other men. I think so. I am dating an Elliot. A very dreamy one a very very dreamy one. We date for six months almost now, we've been in love since the first five minutes after we met at the starbucks on brady and we stayed in his apartment until the semester ended but now! NOW! he is going to go to GRAD SHCOOL in brooklyn and that sucks because I sort of hated the feel of NEW YORK city and I didn't think it would be smart to go there but I don't want to lose him in fact I 'd rather keep him. but i'm not going to that neurotic city to live when I'm THIS broke especially.

why didn't he choose grad school in santa cruz? that is a pace a could've dealt with oh yes.
Citizen Kane
Eh, what seems to be the problem here? Your BF going away to NYC or being in love and feeling abandoned by him?
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