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Upgrade from windows ME to XP

Hey, I have recently gotten the CD rom to upgrade from windows ME to XP. Before I put in the CD I ran a Scan Disk To check for errors and a Disk Defragment to arrange all the files. Everything went good. Then I put in the CD and ran the advisor before the installation and when it is a little bit more than half way it stays in the same spot saying "Scanning DVD Movie Player". The computer doesn't freeze or anything like that but the progress bar doesn't seem to move.

I left it on for 19 hours and the prgress bar still didn't move but the computer was still responding.

What could possibly be wrong? and do you know how to fix it?
Upgrades are really for lazy people. Backup your data and clean install XP.

If you REALLY insist on being lazy, then still backup your important data, uninstall any cd burning software, also uninstall any antivirus software, and unplug any external hardware except for the mouse monitor and keyboard and try the upgrade again. If that still doesnt work, then put the pc in a full clean boot and upgrade again.

If it still isnt working at that point, then refer to step number one...yes backup and clean install.
yes do what bones said or you can surf on net to find if anyone else had the problem and learned how to fix it but i agree with bones a new install is best ....
base my experience, upgrade is not good, several time make system hang or slow without reason. may I give you idea. Install your windows XP from fresh. and then install all software what you need, like antivirus, office, acrobat etc. after that make image your computer with driveimage. So if sometime your computer have a problem you can restore it from your image..its fast, usualy only 15 minutes for restore. You have a fresh installation again like new install. Thanks
Upgrade is very essential in some organization. but it is not good it will cause in errors and system hankup.

if you want to upgrade your system Me to XP. After login the ME system and insert XP disk to the cd drive. the menu will appear

have two option

1. Upgrade the system
2. Reinstall the system

simply press the upgrade option. Laughing
Whatever will be your choice (upgrading or making a clean install), just throw out ME and put XP!
ME is the worse MS OS! Wink
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