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Constant downtime with Server 2

Hey. Unfortunately, I have to report the following problem with server 2:

At least once every 20 minutes, server 2 refuses all connections via Port 80 (HTTP). Usually during this time, DiractAdmin via Port 2222 remains working at normal speed, as does FTP using Port 21, but occasionally these become unavailable too. (and all functions in DirectAdmin when using this access method) becomes unavailable whenever Server 2 is refusing Port 80 connections.

It is possible that these errors are due to problems with RAM on the server. If I visit the Server Information in DirectAdmin, it shows the current amount of free RAM. When I refresh it about 30 seconds later, the amount of free RAM has declined, and it continued declining every refresh until it reached about 15000 KB, and then became unavailable via Port 80.

Of course the RAM issue could be completely unrelated, I don't know Smile

I hope you are able to diagnose this problem soon, as it is very annoying to myself and my visitors, as the server frequently returns no response.

PS: I have checked my firewall and anti-virus settings and logs, and there are no entries in there stating anything about denying access to the FriHost server. It does this irregardless of which computer I use (home, school, library etc.) and what ISP is being used.
I believe it's just a problem with the server load since Server 2 is where all new accounts are created. My site goes down every hour or every 15 minutes in the hour, for some reason. But after about 30 sec - 1 Min, it's back online. I don't know what could be wrong with your site, my connections all work fine. I never get any problems with DA on any ports. I don't think Bondings can do anything about it. But, I'm not sure. Wait for him to answer.
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