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Get friend back

Get friend back

How do you get a former best friend of yours back? You have said awful thins to each other and have ignored each other for almost 2 years now, but you would really like to be friends.

What would you do in such a situation to get you friend back?
make the friend understand you really regret the whole situation and make nituce you mean it. I think that's the most important thing. it not as important how you do it as long as he really believes you and that's what will make it possiable.
It will take time to regain your friend's trust and to be in that comfort zone again. I know for me, I've gotten mad and some of my friends before, placed them on my blacklist, but eventually became friends with again. You might be able to get back what you lost, but don't force the person. if your friend wants it too, it'll happen. Just have fun, if the person treasure's your friendship, he/she will want to hang out with you just as you with him/her.
is it that, both of you are intented to get back to each other? or is it just you who wants to get back?

I think, if you really feel to re-start friendship, there is no need to wait for one second too... just go and meet him/her up face to face.

Your time starts now... never wait to start good things.
send a card through the mail with some lottery tickets in it. If he wins the lottery maybe he will thank you for it and be your friend.
Sometimes we just do things that we will regret for the next two years (or even the rest of our lives) but it has been done much to your regret. Confused Then, how can it be undone? How can you get your former best friend back? Can it be undone? No. what has been said can not be unsaid. Can you get your friend back? Of course you can, depending on the degree of sincerity you show in regaining your former friend’s attention. How? Start from the basic – TALK with each other. If your former friend won’t talk with you, get a common friend to serve as a bridge for the meantime. If you can’t find a common friend, talk to your former friend’s closed relative whom you feel can be trusted with. If still there is no relative you can talk to, then you have to talk in a letter. Send your former friend letters and/or emails. Enclose sincere card of regret and apology that can touch his/her heart. Pray

But the success of these exercises will greatly depend on the content of your message. I would personally suggest that you keep the content of your message to be: concise but honest, straight but clear, brief but sincere, and hopeful with a touch of humility. Show remorse and regret for the two years you have been off as friends. Tell how you are missing him/her and how you pray that you can rekindle the good old days as best of friends. Smile

You know your friend more than anyone of us here in the forum and it is only you who can make your former friend come back to you. With two years of longing at the back of your mind, think this as your coup d’grace. Show that you deserve to get him/her back. If you can’t do it, then he/she does not deserve you back (or maybe you don’t really deserve him/her). So, break a leg. Go for it. And Goodluck! Applause
Use mob tactics like extortion to get him back. Get some embarrasing video or audio footage and hold it against him. In return he has to be your friend and surrender his sisters virginity.

Also threaten him with violence at the same time to heighten the fear you will instill.
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