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Applying for job: Please help

Applying for job: Please help

I am applying for a job at an accounting firm: Ernst & Young. There are a few questions which I don’t know the exact answer to, too maximize the change that I will get the position. Can you please help me? Here are the questions:

Why did you choose Charted Accountancy as a career?
For the money of course, but you cannot day that.

Why are you interested in working for Ernst & Young?
I just apply at as many firms as possible. If I get a job at yours, Good.
Not sure if this will help, but here goes...

Why did you choose Charted Accountancy as a career?

I have trained for, and I excel in the practice of this vocation. I also have a great desire to gain employment in this particular field.

Why are you interested in working for Ernst & Young?

The firm has an impecable reputation from what I have been able to learn, and I feel this firm is best suited for me as there may be chances for possible advancement.

of course the wording could be changed to best suit your tastes, but it's a start Smile
r nt u capable so
possible answers:

you love accounting

its your passion

you feel that you will have a better career

endless opportunity


Wow, thank you everybody for the great advice. I will post here if I get the job.

Don’t answer according to the above advice. They are wrong. You need to answer the questions in a NON-GENERIC way and in a way that describes how you would benefit the organization.

Wynand wrote:
Why did you choose Charted Accountancy as a career?

Something like:

I have always been very detail oriented and organized so accounting has always come natural to me. At university, I found that I had a particular ability and fondness for Charter Accounting.

Wynand wrote:
Why are you interested in working for Ernst & Young?

I have always admired and respected the organization of Ernst & Young and firms like it. It is my goal to become a highly productive member of such a wonderful organization.
the last post was correct.. you can't give generic answers and expect to stand out.. the HR people see thousands of resumes every week.. 90% of them give answers that dodge the question.. they're looking for someone who has done some research and knows what their company does and how the applicant might fit in

give answers that refer to your previous history or skills.. give an example of how you personally might be able to benefit the company.. they don't care what they can do for you.. they care what you can do for them
Good luck, and don't forget your towel.
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