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Free Geek Chicago

I went over to MicroCenter today (one of my favorite geeky stores) here in Chicago, and had a good and lengthy conversation with one of the sales associates when I overheard him and another customer talking about something that interested me. All three of us were talking about a lot of interesting things that makes me feel comforted since I never thought that there would be other people out there that are almost or more geeky than I am when it comes to computers. Almost everything that I was rattling off to the sales associate, he had more to add to it (which I did know already) which kept it interesting. The discussion was mainly about Bill Gates and the rise of Microsoft in the early years. Even some of the movies I mentioned to him he said that he seen. Two of the ones I mentioned he said he did not see, which were "The Net 2.0" (he seen the first "The Net") and "Pirates of Silicon Valley", which he heard about but never seen. (The ones that I know of are "The Net", "The Net 2.0", "Hackers", and "Pirates of Silicon Valley", if anyone here would like to mention any other similar ones, you're more than welcome to).

It eventually came down to him asking me what I'm interested in with computers. I said that it was mainly based on the hardware side of things, like upgrading, repairing, and building PC's. He was saying that he's more in the software field (he said that he made his own PoS [Point-of-Sale System] for a night club and made a lot of money from it, and others might buy the same thing from him). In regards to my interests, he said that earlier in the day that another customer had the same sort of conversations with him like what I did, and mentioned something called "Free Geek Chicago". From what I read online and heard from him, it's a non-profit organization where anyone (experienced with PC's or not, it doesn't matter) can come in and teach, learn, or work for volunteer (based on if you're experienced or not with computers) for them, and for people visiting and doing the work. They get a lot of computers through donations where they are rebuilt, upgraded, and stripped based on their condition to be put to better use. When you work there for 4 days for volunteer, you get a free PC from them. I was thinking about joining in on this within the next 2 weeks in hopes of meeting more people in my sort-of clique with the city. Very Happy

Anyone who's interested I'm assuming is welcome, more information is at

- Mike.
I wonder if they have one where I am Mike. I will have to check it out.
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