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Hide addresses in Outlook

Hi there
Is there a way of hiding the addresses when sending to a long list of people in outlook?
what do you mean by hiding adress? do you mean when they read the email it has whos its been sent to, and you dont want that on?
Regardless of the program or website you use for sending email (although the terminology may differ slightly), here's what you should do when sending email to a group of people (especially if they may not already know each other):
  • Address the email to yourself.
  • Add everyone else's addresses a Blind Carbon Copy.
  • If you are forwarding the content of an email you received, edit out any email addresses it may contain.
You should always do this when sending the same email to a group of people, since you never know when one of your recipients may forward the message to someone else without following this proper "netiquette," thereby exposing someone else's email addresses (perhaps a great number of them) to the potential for spam or virus email.
Thanks I did do this but was wondering if there was some other trick I may have missed.
fionab wrote:
Thanks I did do this but was wondering if there was some other trick I may have missed.
You're welcome. I'm glad someone is concerned about email addresses. Just after I posted my response to your question, I received an email from a friend who doesn't really understand the significance of these things. It was something that she had received and just forwarded on to over a dozen people. Even worse, it wasn't difficult to tell it had already been forwarded by other people at least eight times (given the number of other lists of email addresses within the forwarded content). It really makes me wonder when or even if people will ever actually think before sending out things like that - it's just extremely poor netiquette.
We in South Africa have quite strict company policies regarding this and most companies restrict receiving mail with large amounts of recipients. I agree I do not like to expose my addressees encase the mail is forwarded.
We also have very bad bandwidth restrictions so our broadband for home use is capped at 3GB unless you pay a fortune extra. We also restrict the size of mail being sent out as this too can be quite rude to just assume someone wants to see your 2MB joke email thereby using up precious bandwidth so email addresses are closely guarded, and most people get online ones to prevent abuse, and sending to these you often expose the other recipients.
Some times I think I live in a 3rd world country other times I realise there is just too much control in the wrong hands
damn 3 gig, I use that in a couple days
Yes it is rather restrictive. I have mine up to 4GB at home and unlimited at work but the cost is huge compared to the rest of the world. We have a monopoly on the main infrastructure.
well here in Australia we only just got adsl 2+, luckily we got our hands on it
fionab wrote:
... the cost is huge compared to the rest of the world.

Here, in Honduras, 64KB (not MB or GB) cable is $60/mo, 128KB is $90/mo, and 256KB is $120/mo. 3GB or 4GB is not even close to being available.
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