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Soundtrack Music...

B. Brown
Anyone listen to soundtrack music?

I have a bunch of soundtracks, including:

All 20 James Bond Soundtracks
Jurassic Park I , II, III
E.T.- Extraterrestrial
Mission: Impossible
Star Wars Episodes I - VI
The Terminal
War of The Worlds (2005)
Indiana Jones I , II, III

I mainly listen to John Williams. He's the best film composer, in my opinion.
I LOVE film scores (soundtracks). I dunno, most people give me funny looks for it, but its just so...emotional/thrilling all at the same time. I love john williams and Hans Zimmer(sp?) mostly, the soundtrack for 'the rock' is amazing! Very Happy Twisted Evil
i love soundtracks too... in fact, most of my fave songs are from movie soundtracks

one of my songs from soundtrack are the ff:

at the beginning - anastacia
greatest story ever told - what a girl wants
half life - what a girl wants
out of place - what a girl wants
long time coming - what a girl wants
i wanna be bad - what a girl wants
good life - what a girl wants
ride of your life - what a girl wants
utopia - view from the top
what dreams are made of - lizzie mcguire movie
that's what girls do - the hot chick
perfect day - legally blonde
brand new day - freaky friday
ultimate - freaky friday
take me away - freaky friday
sway - american pie
... - the whole a walk to remember soundtrack
heal me, i'm heartsick - school of rock
what are you waiting for - teenage drama queen
built this way - mean girls

dunno why though... Wink
I'm not much of a fan of soundtracks, mainly because I don't like "mixed tapes" Wink

The soundtrack to resident Evil (the movie, yes) was pretty nice though. I like the athmospheric noice that Manson produces Smile
althalus wrote:
I'm not much of a fan of soundtracks, mainly because I don't like "mixed tapes" Wink

The soundtrack to resident Evil (the movie, yes) was pretty nice though. I like the athmospheric noice that Manson produces Smile

I dont think we really mean the official CD soundtrack release, cause as most of you will know that contains very little of whats actually in the movie score. I think the original post was aimed more at the theatrical score thats during the movie, hence john williams/hans zimmer etc Confused
If you're interested in full length soundtracks and not some crap produced by popular bands, take a listen to Bodysong. It's composed by Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead's lead guitarist.
Jesus christ superstar's musics are awesome
Yes, I like movie soundtracks. When you watch a movie that you like, if there is a song that makes you feel the same that the movie did, you can remember whatever the movie lets you in you.

I like , may be sounds strange, at least by me, the "Dawson's Creek" soundtrack. It's so good , I'm talking about the 1st soundtrack. The songs are so much good choosed.

Anyone likes Daowson'0s Creek far out there?
Very Happy
I absoultely ADORE movie soundtracks! And im talking the ones with a score, composed and created by composers!

I am in love with John Williams, who did Star wars...and my beloved Harry Potter. He did all the movies. I LOVE John Williams, he is a god!

As for actual music by band in soundtracks, I usually like those too, particularily the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, featuring Disturbed, Chester Bennington, Static-X, Marilyn manson, Korn, and kidney thieves. It is one AMAZING soundtrack, and i also love the score done for that movie.

I am someone who adores orchestra/opera/medieval/renaissance/celtic/bagpipes type of thing. I adore it to the max. I love bands who have orchestrated stuff in their songs, stuff like Nightwish or Lacuna Coil.

I am also a fan of most horror movie soundtracks!
The soundtrack music of lotr it's so good!!!

Anyone thinks the same?

I like the soundtrack of the three parts, but the best, for me, is the soundtrack of the third part.
the best: the lord of the rings... and gladiator Wink
I love soundtracks, espically game soundtracks, shenmue has a beutiful soundtrack, I love a lot of the sega soundtracks, zelda, horror movie soundtracks and sci fi soundtracks. Oh and the goldeneye(n64) soundtrack is a work of art everyone should have that soundtrack.
best of the breveheart sount track and oldboy..
yeah..john williams' the best..and also hans zimmer (man?)

anyway, check out japanese anime soundtracks as well, they are really good! esp. from the Japanese producer, Yoko Kanno.

She did the soundtrack for:

1. Cowboy Bebop
2. Wolf's Rain
3. Brain Powered
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