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My pet parrot

Whoa really, I got 4 pet parrots. My dad got them from Thailand and Penang. Got 2 white ones and 2 blue coloured. Pretty annoying when they get out of control tearing up the cage with their beaks. But all is the same I really love my pet birds. Very Happy
I've always wanted a parrot. Do any of yours speak? I wondered how long it would take to teach them.
Yes I have a parrot as well, Mine speaks luckily, although I lost it, I took it out to clean cage outside. LOL. And then I accidently kicked it and it flew away.

P.S. It was staying calm there before I kicked it.
I used to have three huge cages for my pet birds. One had finchers and they had many babies. Me and my family loved waiting to see the new ones coming out for the first time.

The other cage had two levels and in one I had Love Birds. These two had babies and we got many different colored ones.

The other level and the other cage were dedicated to Cockatoos. These also had babies.

It was a great time for me. I really enjoyed them as pets. When I got a spraying nozzle and fixed it onto a bottle and sprayed water at the cockatoos they would spread their wings and cleam themselves, having a real nice bath.

In the fincher cage the birds would daily wait till I changed their water basin and then come and take their bath in the fresh water. Of course after they all had their baths I would have to change the water again... Laughing
Parrots are very cute! I like the way parrots speak. They're pretty amusing. I don't have a parrot though. Hehe.

Have fun with your new pets. ^__^
African Grey parrots are the fastest to learn to talk. But they along with Macaws and other exotic birds are listed under endangered species of the world and we should give thought on that before buying them.

There is a great campaign going on that says "when the buying stops the killing will too"...I think this is very true.
My cousin just got his parents to get him a parrot. I think it's like a cockatoo, but smaller. It doesn't talk, but supposedly it hums music. My cousins were telling me how annoying it is all the time. When I went up to the room to see, the bird didn't make a single noise. Perfectly silent. I have yet to hear it make a noise.
The word filter in this forum is stopping us from naming a couple of funny is that.... Laughing Laughing Laughing

I guess I will have to inprovise here...There are two different birds, one called c o c k--- atoos and other called c o c k--- ateils...they look very similar but the former is the larger variety who can learn to speak. The latter is smaller in size. I have had and bred the smaller variety and it does have a nice song. Of course some people might find it annoying... I guess this is the one that your cousin is having.
cant they get really annoying with all the noise though? i hate birds. they're always waking me up in the morning when im trying to sleep Sad
Since you can't really stop the birds from chirping, why not make your room a bit soundproof? It would be better than getting angry over something the first thing in the morning,

Or instead you can choose to enjoy their song and appreciate their beauty. Too few people in this urbanised world get to wake up to the sound of birds chirping... Some whould say you are very lucky...

But I do understand that it must be annoying to be woken up when you really want to sleep. I'm just saying maybe it is better to find a solution to that than get angry at someting that is actually a part of nature and is beautiful.
My neighbors behind me have what I think is a parrot. I think they put his cage on their patio on nice days, because sometimes when I'm weeding my garden I'll hear the bird call my dog or my husband-----using *my* voice! It was very odd the first time I heard the bird do that....
Personally I dislike birds lol.

My mates got a speaking bird, I dunno what it's called
Im "bird"brained Razz

It called me a t w a t once :O:O Cheeky!
Funny experience.

(Sorry for the swear words, don't tell your mommy or daddy Wink)
i wish i had a bird but i have to many pets anyway but if i was to get a bird it would be a eastern screech owl Smile
Yeah I have a parrot. It's a c o c k a t i e l. It only knows a couple words, but that's fine by me. I'm actually lucky since most species of c o c k a t i e l s don't talk much, if at all. It's really social and won't attack unless you start. Laughing
I've never heard of owls being kept as pets, are they much different than keeping parrots?
SusieSmacktard wrote:
My neighbors behind me have what I think is a parrot. I think they put his cage on their patio on nice days, because sometimes when I'm weeding my garden I'll hear the bird call my dog or my husband-----using *my* voice! It was very odd the first time I heard the bird do that....

LOL! Thats great!

A couple months ago my neighbors got a parrot (I think its a maccaw) and it can get pretty annoying. Half the time it makes this horrible squaking noise but lately its been imitating a phone ringing which I find amusing. It also screams multiple spanish phrases.

My neighbors also have quite a few loud little dogs so the parrot has now begun to imitate them. Whenever they get riled up the parrot starts in with barking and growling. It also has been making these.. "noises" that, well... makes me wonder if it used to be kept in a bedroom..
I had a pet parrot, Kiki. I learned him in about 2 years to say his name. It's really hard to learn parrots to talk but its worth it.
I love birds ... especially parrots! I have 3 parrots one white , one blue and the third and oldest one ( he is almost 2 years old) is red... i love my parrots... but they make noise in the morning - they are like an alarm clock Smile)Smile)Smile)

I would like to get a pet parrot. Which talks.. Very Happy

I have always liked parrots. But not when they have eated liquid food.(They will recolor your walls)

Its impossible to get parrot at here finland. Winter is so cold and bird cant get outside.

I hope that I could even see real parrot in real life.


- JaBe
Best parrot I ever shared space with was a Crimson Macaw called Garibaldi. He was the cutest bird I ever knew.
I prettymuch love parrots, but i have none of my own. There really creapy creatures especailly when they start to mimic some of what you say but all they they're on the the most lovely birdsto keep around the home.
Canyou paste the pictures of your parrot here,
thanks i'll love to see how beautiful they are.
I have always wanted a pet parrot...either a macaw or an African Grey. The only problem is that they require so darn much space...and attention. I think that I may consider buying one only when I know I have the time and resources to invest in one (i.e. when I'm through with college). From your own experiences, what are the positives and negatives to owning a parrot? Is there anything else I should be aware of?


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